With the arrival of Ramadan, it is time that we shift our focus to spiritual practice by preparing ourselves with changes to our lifestyle and daily routine. However, we tend to forget that our skin needs equally care and love as well. Whether it’s dry skin, dull complexion or breakouts, these skin issues are more prevalent than ever as we abstain from consuming any food and drink during a certain period of time. Feeling desperate to revive your skin? Fret not because Beauty Insider has narrowed down 12 tips to keep your skin healthy and radiant throughout this holy month.

The Best Skincare Tips To Prep You For Ramadan

1. H20 is the Key

Drinking plenty of water is the most important tip to take care of your skin during Ramadan. Especially considering the fact that dehydration causes dryness and wrinkles. We suggest that you make sure that you meet your daily intake of water from iftar to suhoor. Generally, an adult needs to consume about 1.5 to 2 litres of water in a day. Plus, water is not only great for your skin but it ensures overall health. One of the easiest tips to monitor your water intake is by sticking the label of water level on the bottle, by this, you can know if you’re drinking sufficient water or not. Besides, you can infuse the water with fruits like strawberries, cucumber, or even lemon for a boost of vitamins and detox your body. 

2. Skip the Caffeine

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Indeed, it is alarming for every coffee lover out there including us. However, sometimes attaining glowing and radiant skin requires a little bit of sacrifice including cutting out caffeine during Ramadan.  You might be thinking why right? Well, caffeine is known to cause parched skin as it is a dehydrator. Although caffeine is not the culprit that causes acne, it affects the stress hormones which eventually stimulate the excessive production of sebum, leaving your skin at risk of breakouts. In addition, coffee with milk or sugar may sound splendid, but unfortunately, it is the recipe for acne breakouts.

3. Eat Right

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When it’s time to break the fast, most of us are thinking to stuff our mouths with desserts and lots of carbs to energize our bodies. Regardless of your preference, a balanced diet consisting of vegetable and fruits are essential to delivering nutrients rich vitamins to your body. We suggest that you incorporate different types of superfoods like avocados, tomatoes, and cucumber during iftar and suhoor. Furthermore, it is recommended that you avoid any processed food or white wheat products as they can cause different types of skin problems. Although most of us have a sweet tooth, you can opt for stevia as a substitute for regular white sugar.

4. Protect the Skin from Harmful Rays 

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Sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen!  It is definitely a godsend skincare product that helps to minimize skin damage and signs of ageing caused by harmful sunlight. When you’re fasting, your skin tends to get dry easily which makes it prone to burns. Therefore we suggest that you choose the best sunscreen that has at least SPF 30 to maximize protection. Plus, make sure to reapply the sunscreen when you’re outside. On top of that, you can wear a hat or opt for shade to ensure that your skin is completely protected from harmful rays. Feeling unsure which sunscreen you should get your hands on? We have listed a few options below.

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5. Moisturize 

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Dry and parched skin is the typical skin concern that we experience during Ramadan, thus make sure to apply a generous amount of moisturizer throughout the day.  After you have cleansed your face, follow up with a complete skincare routine consisting of toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Your skin will definitely thank you for it.  Apart from that, make sure to apply moisturizer all over your body as well to keep dry skin at bay.

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6. Dairy or Plant-Based?

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Dairy and acne are other ways of inviting breakouts to your skin. So if you’re one of the people that experience tiny bumps with just a glass of milk, you might want to swap it with non-dairy products to attain clearer and healthy skin. You can replace it with plant-based milk like almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, or even soy which deliver similar benefits to your body as well.

7.  Get Enough Sleep  

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Beauty sleep has always been the primary skincare tips but it’s hard to practice. As much as we need time for ourselves, getting enough sleep is equally important to our health and even skin. So peeps remember to get at least 8 hours of sleep to revitalize and refresh your mind and skin. Besides, we suggest that you spritz sleep-inducing essential oils on your pillow as it promotes better sleep quality.

8. Facial Treatments 

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 A trip to a beauty salon or spa is a much-needed rest for every one of us. So why not take the time to pamper yourself during Ramadan? With various different treatments available from hydrafacial, chemical peel to mesotherapy, facial treatments are a quick fix to your skin. Plus it’s just another excuse for a pampering session! 

9. Facial Oil for a Boost of Hydration

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If moisturizer does not deliver sufficient hydration to your skin, you might want to opt for facial oil as it is known to quench even the driest skin. There’s a variety of facial oil that you can choose depending on your skin type from almond oil, jojoba oil to avocado oil. It is important that

10. Snacking for Health

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Who doesn’t love to snack? We all do. Although the guilt we feel is quite burdensome, snacking is something that most of us not willing to give up anytime. So why not opt for healthy snacks instead? There’s a wide variety of superfoods that you can snack on like mixed nuts, greek yoghurt, dark chocolate, and dry fruit.  Besides, these healthy snacks are not only good for your skin, but it also helps to shed some fat as well.

11. Ditch Your Makeup

As beauty junkies, makeup is certainly something that we can’t completely get rid of in our lives. Unfortunately, the lack of water in our bodies often affects our overall complexion, especially the natural balance. This condition makes our skin more vulnerable as it is unable to protect itself from external aggressors, thereby causing several skin issues. However, if you can’t ditch the makeup, we suggest that you opt for a natural look with light makeup.

12. It’s All About the Eyes

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Unsplash

We often overlook the importance of the eye area even though they are more susceptible to various skin issues including damage. During Ramadan, skin dehydration makes signs of ageing and even irritation more noticeable than they usually do. So the easiest way to combat this is by focusing more on the eye are by incorporating skincare products like an eye serum, cream or patch.

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