We’ve all had a bangs phase sometime in our lives. It’s the period where we impulsively get the nerve to chop off our front hair to frame our face. It is what most teenage girls go through and most end up with choppy bangs or air bangs. Sometimes, the bangs stick and actually look good! But for the rest of us, we may come to regret our impulsive decisions very quickly. After just days of cutting our bangs, we’ll look in the mirror and dictate that they’re just not for us. What’s worse is that we loved it at the salon! So what’s going on? Well, it may well be how you style your bangs. 

Without styling, your choppy bangs or air bangs can look deflated and oily after some days. But with a little dry shampoo, hair spray and styling, your bangs will look just as new! The only problem now is how committed you are to styling them every morning? If you find it too much of a hassle, we suggest you halt those impulsive thoughts and stick with your untrimmed hair. But if you want to find out how you can keep your bangs looking good every day, keep on reading! Because Beauty Insider is about to share some valuable tips and tricks for every bang out there!

Ways To Style Your Air Bangs

1. Subtle Curls with Hair Rollers

air bangs

The easiest way to style any type of bangs is with a hair roller. Whether it’s curtain, choppy or air bangs, a hair roller is your best friend as long as you have bangs. In Korea, it is even common to see girls with hair rollers in their hair in public! So, don’t be ashamed if you’re rushing out the door with a hair roller still in place. Just remember that once you take it off, your bangs will look airy, puffy and styled. All with minimum effort!

2. Air Bangs/See-Through Bangs

Air bangs, or see-through bangs as we like to call it, are the most popular hairstyles in Korea. It’s also the hairstyle you see most often when watching Korean dramas! This is the main character hairstyle we all dream to have. Although they make it seem easy enough to wake up with perfectly-styled air bangs, it actually needs a little work. The best way to style your air bangs is by splitting them into three sections. Then, use a hair straightener to curl the middle section inwards. For the two outer pieces, just drag them outwards. Easy right! 

3. Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are back in trend just like how the 90s and 2000s fashion trends reemerged! These types of bangs are perfect for those with short hair or a short bob. This time around, we aren’t going for the thick choppy bangs. Give it room to breathe and cut it thinly instead! If you are feeling bold, you can even ask the hairstylist to trim it above your eyebrows! The only styling you need for these choppy air bangs is confidence. 

4. Blow Dry Bangs

The best time to style your air bangs is right out of the shower. Blow-dry your hair while it is still wet. This is because bangs tend to dry very fast. So if you don’t blow dry it right away and style them, they will set in their natural shape. Trust us when we say that sometimes, air drying is not the best for bangs! Therefore, style your bangs as soon as you can to achieve the best results! 

5. Round Brush For Volume

A round brush is also a girl’s best friend when she has bangs. Look for a round boar-bristle brush as they are the gold standard. The bristles tend to be tightly packed and are able to grab every strand of hair. Thus, allowing just the right amount of tension when pulling. Once you’ve got your brush, you need a hair-dryer with its nozzle attached too. If you’ve been to salons, you know how the technique goes! Use the brush to comb the hair side to side while the hairdryer blows down on it. Lastly, roll the ends of your bangs under for a curved look. 

6. Use Hairspray

If you don’t want your bangs to lose their shape, add hairspray to your hairstyling routine! Hairspray is the best tool to help your air bangs stay in place throughout the day. This method of styling your bangs is even Lisa approved! So, who are we to deny this great tip? Besides that, hairspray can also help prevent your hair from separating and frizzing. But, too much hairspray is not good either as it can cause your hair to clump together. 

7. Criss-Cross Technique

A great tip and technique when it comes to styling your bangs is the criss-cross method. This technique helps prevent your choppy, chunky and air bangs from splitting apart. First, part your air bangs down the middle to create two sections. Then, pin each section in the opposite direction, creating an X. Leave it for at least 3 minutes before taking it out and combing through it to get rid of any splits that may appear.

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