Detox Water: Recipes and More

By: Farah Khan / April 27, 2021
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There is a common misconception surrounding “detox” and “cleansing” water. People often assume that detox water is something that cleanses your stomach, and helps you get rid of the nasties directly. This is in fact not true. Detox water is merely an assistant to your organs. Detoxing and cleansing your insides are already done by your organs such as the kidney and liver. Detox water or vegetable and fruit infused water are only there to assist by giving support to these organs, deliver nutrients, and kick-starting your metabolism.

We already know how much of a great help water, on its own is for our body. Quenching our thirst and keeping our body internal and external hydrated and healthy. Therefore, detox water or infused water will provide much more benefits when paired with fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrients. Beauty Insider has listed a few recipes for you to try out at home for a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of Detox Water

Reducing fatigue

Detox water helps to reduce both physical and mental fatigue and grogginess. This is because it supplies us with nutrients and refreshes our body and mind to face the day.

Replenishing Body

Water alone does wonders at replenishing our body. Detox water on the other hand works similarly but with added nutrients that will surely replenish your body after a tiring day or a workout.

Flushing out toxins

As we mentioned before, Detox Water is a great assistant to your internal detoxifying organs. It helps organs such as the kidney and liver to flush out toxins from your system effectively.

Helps with Weight Loss

Unlike other detoxifying drinks out there, detox water will help you reach your weight loss goals without harming your insides. It is a healthy alternative to those slimming drinks you see online or in stores.

Detox Water Recipes To Try At Home


Lemon Water

This is probably the most common detox water out there. Cut half a piece of lemon and infuse it in a 1 litre bottle of water. Lemon is known to enhance the body’s natural detoxifying process which is why it is such a popular ingredient in detox water. It is also known to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and release toxins.

Cucumber Water

This recipe is also a popular one among detox lovers by combining cucumber and water. The ease of preparation and the nutritious value of the cucumber makes this detox water a favourite among many. Rich in Vitamin C, silica, Vitamin A, and potassium Cucumber Water is a great way to get nutrients while keeping your body replenished.

Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint Water

Combining refreshing ingredients such as lemon, mint leaves, cucumber and water, this recipe provides an incredible supply of nutrients to your body. Combine the ingredients in a bottle overnight and drink it in the morning for a good nutritious day ahead. The mint in this detox water may improve digestion and it also has anti-inflammatory properties that will free you from inflammation throughout the day.


Ginger and Mint Water

Ginger, mint, and cucumber infused in water to give you a refreshing feeling and help you detoxify from the toxins in your body. The spicy and calming smell of the ginger will help your mind calm down and your body work to detoxify itself. Ginger has anti-microbial properties that could prevent your throat from getting infections from viruses and bacteria.

Mix 2 inches of freshly peeled ginger root, mint leaves, 1 cucumber, and a slice or two of lemon and infuse them in 1 litre of water. You can add a pinch of Himalayan salt for some extra flavour.

Watermelon and Mint Water

Add a cup of watermelon cubes, and a few mint leaves in half a litre of water and you’re good to go. You can even add some cucumbers for additional nutrients. Watermelon is rich in potassium, a mineral that supports many of your internal organs including the kidney. This water will help rid of toxins from your body effectively.


Pineapple and Ginger Water

Pineapple is known for its ability to aid in digestion and reduce bloating. Additionally, ginger has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Combining these two powerful ingredients together will create the perfect detox water. Add a cup of sliced pineapple cubes and two tablespoons of ginger into a litre of water and there you have it! Your pineapple and ginger water. It tastes deliciously refreshing too!

Berry Infused Water

Flavourful and refreshing, the classic berry infused water is one of the most delicious recipes. Red raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, and black raspberry all infused together in water creates the perfect burst of flavour. It provides you with the best nutrients to refresh you throughout your day. This recipe requires you to soak the berries in the water for a minimum of 4 hours before consumption to fully taste the goodness of the berry infusion.

Celery Water

Celery has a high water content which makes it a perfect detoxifying ingredient. It is a great source of crucial antioxidants as well as aids well for digestion. Infuse some celery in water overnight and drink it in the morning for a smooth and refreshing day. If the taste of celery isn’t your favourite, you can add on a sweet fruit to help with the taste. Berries, watermelon, green apple, and pineapples are among the fruits that would suit this water well.

That’s the end of the list! If you’re feeling creative and want to create your own recipe inspired by the ones above, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook to let us know. We’d like to test out your recipe too. Happy detoxing!