Kim Kardashian—the name is no stranger to Hollywood province. Known to be one of the world’s most influential fashion icons, the 41-years-old beauty also juggles other notable jobs. A mother of four, the main star of Hulu’s The Kardashian, a law student and she also manages her own shapewear company called SKIMS which she founded in 2019. 

And if that all wasn’t enough, this week, Kim Kardashian added yet another career to her never-ending list of resumes with the re-introduction of skincare line, Skkn by Kim. The brand is managed and is under alliance with luxury behemoth, Coty. In case you missed it, Skkn by Kim is actually a rebrand from her previous KKW line—a beauty brand she founded in 2017 that features mostly cosmetic products. Long story short, earlier last year Kim, alongside her sister, Kylie announced a rebrand for each of their brands, in which they’re focusing on regenerating manufacturing ingredients. 

In celebration of her launch, the reality star dropped by the Condé Nast office in New York City—the world’s royal publishing house that owns Vogue and sat down with the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour. There, she dishes more on her new skincare line, Skkn, which features a 9 piece skincare range. 

Below, Beauty Insider has everything you need to know about the re-branding beauty empire. 

In her interview, Kim highlighted the motivation behind Skkn. She viewed Skkn as a chance for people to imagine what a real beauty line should feel like. In comparison to her previous brand KKW Beauty, which she launched almost five years ago. The debut of her new brand includes 9 main products; face wash, exfoliator, face toner, face serum, moisturiser, evening oil drop, vitamin C serum and an eye cream, all of which were painstakingly crafted herself. 

She said, “The factories I dealt with indicated that items generally go through five different reviews – and I went through approximately 20 and 25 on each product,” she adds. “I spent a lot of time on the ingredients, texture and formula to guarantee that when people get it, they don’t associate it with juts another ‘celebrity brand.'”

The whole range, in typical Kim Kardashian trademark, is encased in neutral tones of beige, grey, and, well, greige, mirroring the colour range of her SKIMS shapewear label. ‘’I was looking at concrete sculptures, all various hues of stone and interiors while working on the package […] I’ve always believed that the packaging should look pretty beautiful in my house since I’ve always liked fairly simple colours.” She also desired refillable packaging to “show marketers that you can find stylish products that are recyclable and ecological.” 

She also revealed that she has no intentions to stretch the brand into make-up or fragrance in the future. “The Skkn brand is all about making your skin look good,” she explained. “I wanted colour cosmetics that I enjoy and wear—lip liners, lipsticks, foundations. Things that provide a neutral palette.” I used to be a bit more fun with KKW Beauty but then I realised they weren’t my fundamental essentials.”

Skkn by Kim is currently not available in the South East Asian market, but you can checkout for more shipping information. 

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