Embark on a flavorful journey with Jimmy Seervai, a former MasterChef Australia finalist and a seasoned food ingredient researcher, as he transforms his passion for food, family, and well-being into an inspiring narrative. At the core of this adventure is Jimmy’s belief in the universal language of food, binding friends and family through shared experiences and cherished memories. Enter the world of Haircarebear, the brand he founded, deeply influenced by family dynamics, particularly the inspiration drawn from his daughter. Jimmy’s dedication to holistic wellness unexpectedly led him down the path of entrepreneurship, giving rise to Haircarebear in Australia. Initially focusing on hair wellness gummies, the brand swiftly captivated hearts, earning the trust of customers. Today, the product range has expanded to include detox, beauty, sleep, and metabolism gummies—a delightful fusion of flavors and well-being. Join us as we explore Jimmy Seervai’s unexpected journey from the culinary realm to the wellness frontier.

Interview with Jimmy Seervai

What inspired you to start Haircarebear, and how did you produce the name for your brand?

The name Haircarebear was inspired by my daughter. When we were brainstorming for a name, my daughter, who was role playing in the corner with a teddy bear and she kept repeating ‘Care bear’. We smiled, and we thought to ourselves, ‘Haircarebear’ was something memorable, and communicated the product in the name. These functional confectioneries were in the shape of a bear, while delivering nutrients and vitamins essential to hair care. 

Till today we wanted to maintain the name even as we grew Haircarebear’s lineup. But there is a sense of familiarity and warmth from our customers who knew us from the start as Haircarebear. 

Can you share a memorable moment or story from the early days of building Haircarebear that truly encapsulates the spirit of your company?

One of my favorite stories is about how people find new and even unexpected uses for us and get amazing results from our products. We had a woman who bought our collagen gummies to help her skin and with wrinkles, the usual, however she had a very old injury to her tendons that happened when she was in her twenties. And just from using the collagen haircarebears within two months she was able to reverse that pain and felt like she was able to get back to doing things she hadn’t been able to do for 10 years where conventional medicine hadn’t helped her. I think this really encapsulates the spirit of our company, because it shows how we embrace whole body health and wellbeing, your body doesn’t work in silos. 

What is the most unconventional ingredient you have ever used in your haircare products, and what was the reasoning behind it?

We have had a lot of “firsts” with Haircarebear but to share our most recent, the superplump gummies which are launching here very soon, were the first gummies on the market in Australia to use Hyaluronic Acid as the hero ingredient. Hyaluronic Acid is a favorite when it comes to topical skincare but most people don’t realize that like collagen it is naturally occurring in the body and so you can help keep your skin more hydrated and plumper from within. I am a big fan of working from the inside out and so as an ingredient this is a great way to support your topical skincare routine. 

How do you envision the future of the haircare industry, and what role do you see Haircarebear playing in shaping that future?

The Halal certification for Haircarebear was a significant achievement that allowed us to serve a more diverse audience and made the product accessible. We are continuously working to ensure the products are manufactured to the highest standards and are suitable for everyone’s dietary needs. Whether that be halal, or other dietary sensitivity like gluten, dairy, soy etc. These are often barriers to people being able to use high quality supplements. 

There is definitely a trend in the haircare industry towards looking after your whole head from your scalp and roots to the ends of your hair as a part of a regime for healthier, shinier hair. I think that scalp health has been neglected for a long time, but good blood flow and healthy follicles are vital to being able to grow longer, thick, healthy hair. Because Haircarebear is focused on working and supporting your whole-body health from the inside it means that our products are able to reach where your shampoos and treatments can’t. By that of course I mean supporting blood flow to your scalp by increasing the health of your blood and circulatory system as well as providing those nutrients that maintain and accelerates hair growth. 

Personal care and self-expression often go hand in hand. How does Haircarebear encourage customers to embrace their unique style and personality through their personal care routines?

We envision a world where individuals radiate with positivity, resilience, and boundless energy, ready to embrace life’s challenges with open arms. 

By rethinking the act of supplementing into an eagerly anticipated routine, we hope this creates a delightful cycle of the way people engage with their well-being. Once they see the positive uplift in their body, we hope this builds up their confidence to show their true self. 

More importantly, we advocate for holistic wellness to support our customers’ health. 

In the world of haircare, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions. What is the most outrageous hair care myth you have come across, and how would you debunk it?

It’s not a myth perse but one I see a lot is that when you go online you see a lot of contradictory information about when to brush your hair of all things! You see people saying you should only brush it when it’s wet and others saying you should never brush it if its wet…and actually the answer is really simple. People have different hair types. If you have curly or wavy hair and brush it dry it gets super frizzy and you will be upset and feel bad about your hair, whereas if you brush it wet it can help develop your curl pattern. If you have naturally straight hair you should brush it dry to prevent damage. So if you are going online to find out how to care for your hair, make sure you are only getting advice from people who have similar hair to you! 

Haircare is deeply personal, and everyone has their own unique hair journey. Can you share a customer’s success story that truly touched your heart and exemplifies the impact of your products?

Sure I can, below is a testimonial from a customer who had really suffered a lot of physical manifestations of an emotional health issue, which is very common but can be even more devastating when you are already feeling low. I’m so glad we were able to make such a positive difference in her life. 

Hair Growth Holy Grail 🙂

Okay so I have very fine hair, but a lot of it. I went through a stressful time which resulted in hair loss (even lost my eyelashes!) and then decided to DIY tape in hair extensions… Bad, bad idea. I was left with huge baby bum smooth bald patches half the size of my palm in about 4 places on my scalp. I was embarrassed and devastated. I was researching supplements to help hair growth and stumbled upon Haircare Bears. It was within my budget, do convenient, tasty and I didn’t have to torture myself with serums and bizarre onion or rice water treatments slopped all over my head. Fast forward a year and my bald patches are no more and I have grown back my eyelashes!!!! I highly recommend Haircare Bears. Its a hair growth holy grail.

What is the most unusual or unexpected source of inspiration you have drawn from when developing a new Haircarebear product?

Because we have an inside out approach to health we focus on areas of the body well away from the target area which people probably aren’t aware are effecting them. For example, our byeacne gummies are designed to support gut health with a clinically studied probiotic that helps reduce acne on the skin, most people would never think of their stomach health when thinking about pimples on their face. 

Imagine a time machine that could transport you to any era in history. In which period would you choose to introduce Haircarebear products, and why?

Definitely this 1980s! The hairstyles that were in fashion at the time were not kind to the hair, with all the hairspray and backcombing required. You can see it in the pictures from the time, a lot of really fabulous but very unhealthy hair. Haircarebear could have really helped some of those people. 

Collaboration can lead to innovation. Are there any exciting partnerships or collaborations on the horizon for Haircarebear that you can share with us?

We are focused on collaborations that create a winning situation for everyone. For example, the partnership with Watsons Malaysia has given us a strong platform to establish our presence in Malaysia. 

Their capabilities and distribution network are well admired. This makes it a perfect partnership for Haircarebear’s growth in the region. In return, our products provide Watsons Malaysia with an opportunity to offer a wide range of products and services to customers seeking something different. 

This partnership is genuinely exciting because we aim to promote a culture of wellness through a philosophy of fun.