I’m all about keeping it simple, allowing me to confidently tackle my day, whether I’m off to work or just grabbing some groceries. I love it when I get compliments like “Your skin looks radiant and lovely.” 

It’s quite amusing to surprise people with the revelation that my secret weapon is Guardian’s All-in-One CC cream SPF 50. I’ve even seen a few jaws drop and heard some “Shut up!” exclamations from my mates.

This CC cream is perfect for your daily routine as it does a great job of covering imperfections. When I say “nice,” I mean it provides coverage that’s not as full as a foundation.

If you’re after that perfect coverage, then foundation is the way to go. However, bear in mind that foundation can feel a bit too heavy for everyday wear and tends to be pricier for the coverage it offers.

Now, let me dive into more details and give you a thorough review of Guardian’s All-in-One CC cream SPF 50!

Facts in a Flash

  • Skin type
    All skin types
  • Main function
    Provide tint-coverage and protect skin from UVB
  • Star ingredients
    Vitamin B3, aiding in skin brightening, and licorice extract for skin conditioning.
  • Texture


Before we kick off, I’d like to share a little insight about this water-based sunscreen cum CC cream claim.

To start, I opted for the travel-friendly size, which is 30 ml in the ’01 Medium’ shade. It’s a lightweight colour corrector that comes with 5-in-1 benefits – ooh la la – wherein the primary benefit is, of course, the coverage that helps conceal imperfections for incomparably flawless skin.

The packaging of Guardian All-in-One CC Cream SPF50

The fact that it contains SPF 50 serves the functional purpose of any sunscreen by shielding your skin from those pesky UV rays. As for the third and fourth benefits, they go hand in hand, as this product is both moisturising and has antioxidant benefits, promising to leave your skin hydrated all day long — fingers crossed. 

Lastly, luminosity; it contains Vitamin B3, aiding in skin brightening, and licorice extract for skin conditioning, delivering a luminous complexion. And not to be forgotten, this product is free of parabens – yay!!

Here’s My Take on the Guardian All-in-One CC Cream SPF50

In my quest for a new sunscreen, I stumbled upon the Guardian All-in-One CC Cream SPF50. Given that I was running low on sunscreen and in the mood to try something different, I noticed a plethora of Guardian-owned products. 

Perhaps they’ve been around for a while, and I’ve been living under a rock, or they recently expanded their range — either way, it caught my attention. What sealed the deal was the fact that it was on sale, and I snagged it for about RM5, a significant discount from its usual retail price of around RM11.

Venturing into the realm of water-based skincare and CC cream combined was a new experience for me. I figured, why not give it a shot? I’ve always had a positive experience with Guardian products; they tend to be gentle on the skin, reasonably priced, and generally effective — maybe not extraordinary, but certainly not disappointing. 

My confidence in Guardian’s reliability encouraged me to embrace this opportunity to try something novel.

The Packaging & Scent

Let’s delve into the packaging and scent of the Guardian All-in-One CC Cream SPF50.

In terms of packaging, it strikes a balance between simplicity and quality. It clearly communicates essential information, proudly highlighting its dermatological testing, SPF 50 UVB protection, water-based sunscreen formulation, and its ‘all-in-one’ CC cream nature, all in a medium shade tailored for my skin tone.

The compact 30ml size makes it incredibly portable, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. Its practicality extends beyond mere sunscreen reapplication; it leaves your skin looking fresh, ensuring you’re always picture-ready and glowing.

While the packaging is basic, its simplicity invites personalisation. If you wish to add a touch of your own style, a bit of do-it-yourself decoration can make it uniquely yours.

On to the scent, and here’s where personal preferences come into play. Personally, I find the fragrance a bit overpowering and not entirely to my liking. It leans towards a strong, somewhat chemical yet floral aroma that might be a tad overwhelming if inhaled excessively. 

However, scent preferences vary widely, so if you happen to enjoy this particular fragrance profile, there’s no judgement here. It’s worth noting that the intensity of the scent does diminish over time, so a bit of patience might be in order if it initially feels too strong.


Watery texture

True to its name, the Guardian All-in-One CC Cream SPF50, being water-based, boasts a watery texture. It strikes a balance, not excessively liquid to create a mess, yet possesses a density that allows for a controlled application. 

When squeezing, be cautious, as the initial outpour can be rather generous; a slow start with the first one or two squeezes is advisable. As I apply it to my face, the initially bothersome scent becomes less of an issue. 

Despite feeling somewhat heavy during application, it transforms into a semi-lightweight texture as you spread and blend it in. The product imparts a dewy, glowing look, which, in my opinion, adds to its overall appeal. It’s a classic case of ‘trust the process’ — the initial hesitations  faded away.

One notable positive is that the product becomes progressively lighter with time. Surprisingly, despite the initial sensation of weight, it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. This quality makes it a noteworthy choice for those seeking a product that not only provides coverage but also evolves into a comfortable and non-greasy feel throughout the day.


[L-R] Before and after apply Guardian All-in-One CC Cream SPF50

In my perspective, this product has proven to be quite effective. 

It provides more than satisfactory coverage for a CC cream, especially since my skin isn’t overly sensitive, and I typically don’t wear makeup for extended periods; I usually only wear makeup for specific occasions, sparing me the need for a long-lasting foundation. While the CC cream may not endure the entire day, it has replaced foundation on numerous occasions with comparable results.

I’ve received compliments from people inquiring about the type of base or foundation I use. On days when I solely wear this CC cream, some have even assumed I possess naturally clear and radiant skin — prompting me to unveil my secret weapon from my purse to their disbelief. As the saying goes, seeing is believing.

Overall Review

In my overall assessment, factoring in its price and practicality, I consider this a worthwhile purchase. It’s a rare find — a water-based sunscreen cum CC cream with such effectiveness at an affordable price point. 

I would recommend it, particularly for those seeking simplicity and a quick five-minute morning makeup routine. However, a word of caution for those with sensitive skin, as the strong scent might be a drawback. Also, individuals who prefer lightweight products may find this a tad heavy. Nevertheless, in terms of performance and effectiveness, it delivers as promised.

Where To Buy?

You can easily get this at your nearest Guardian, or if you are a little bit too busy to do it, no worries! Because it is only one click away via Guardian’s e-store, Shopee, or Lazada!

Insider’s Rating

Pros Affordable, travel-friendly, imparts a radiant finish, and provides reliable coverage. Dermatologically-tested. Convenient foundation substitute.
ConsOverpowering scent, slightly heavier consistency.
VerdictAn affordable and travel-friendly option that imparts a desirable glowy-dewy finish. It excels in delivering commendable coverage for a flawless complexion. However, it may not be universally suitable.

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