So, I’ve been searching high and low for a good hair care routine that won’t make me hesitate to swipe my bank card every month. In my search for the perfect product for me, I’ve stumbled upon Kristin Ess. I’ve heard a couple of good things about Kristin Ess hair products in the past but I’ve never gotten to purchasing them in the past. As someone with curly, unruly, and insanely frizzy hair I’ve always been a teeny bit careful and skeptical when seeing popular hair care products on the shelves. But hey! I decided to give this famous brand a try and copped 5 of their products to try out throughout a whole month.

With that said, here is my full review and what I think of them!


One Signature Shampoo

Let’s kick things off with The One Signature Shampoo – the unsung hero of my shower routine. It’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser, and let me tell you, it lives up to the hype. Getting your hair super clean while keeping it moisturized is like finding a unicorn, and this shampoo does just that. The fact that it’s sulfate-free and still manages to lather up like a dream is a game-changer. I’m talking about a 50p-sized dollop that turns my shower into a spa-like experience. It’s lightly clarifying, high lathering, and safe for daily use – a unicorn in a bottle.

One Signature Conditioner

Now, onto The One Signature Conditioner – the daily dose of luxury my hair craves. This conditioner is like a whisper of softness that touches the parts of my hair that natural oils just can’t quite reach. Weightless is the keyword here; it doesn’t drag my hair down but manages to make it feel ridiculously smooth. It’s the perfect sidekick to The One Signature Shampoo, and together, they’re the dynamic duo I never knew I needed.

Volumising Dry Finish Working Texture Spray

Next up, the Volumising Dry Finish Working Texture Spray – and yes, it’s as good as it sounds. This affordable gem is a game-changer for those second or third hair days when washing feels like a distant memory. It’s not just a texturizing spray; it’s like a magic wand for creating that lived-in, effortlessly cool look. I focus it on the roots and middle of my hair, and bam – instant volume without the heavy feeling. For someone like me who battles with flat hair, this spray is the hero my locks deserve.

Weightless Shine Leave In Conditioner

The Weightless Shine Leave In Conditioner is my go-to for the days when my hair needs a little extra love. It’s not just a detangler; it’s a mood lifter. I love how it softens and strengthens my strands without any greasiness. And the best part? It seals in moisture like a pro, making my hair look and feel healthier. Plus, the scent – it’s like a lingering perfume that keeps me company all day long. For anyone dealing with unruly hair, this leave-in conditioner is the peacekeeper you’ve been searching for.

Weightless Shine Hair Serum

Last but definitely not least, the Weightless Shine Hair Serum. Now, I’ll admit, I was a bit wary because my scalp tends to get oily, but this serum surprised me. It’s like a secret weapon against frizz and a guardian angel for cuticle smoothing. I use just a touch on the ends of my curly hair, and it’s like an instant makeover. The fact that it’s cruelty-free, color-safe, and vegan is the cherry on top. If you’re after a serum that’s light on the hair but heavy on the results, this one’s a winner.