First things first: I was gifted the Nudestix Nudies Matte All Over Face Bronze Color, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be 100% honest about this product. This is Honesty Hour, after all.

I was actually given this product at the perfect time, as I had just purchased a foundation cushion that was way too light for me. In my defense, the shade matched perfectly fine in the store, blasted store lights.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Nudestix Nudies Matte All Over Face Bronze Color, what a long name it has.

Nudies Matte All Over Face Bronze Color

A Brand That Cares

Nudestix is all about being cruelty-free, and this is something that’s quite important to me as I really would prefer the products that I use to not have been tested on animals at all. Most, if not all, of their products are vegan, too! This is my first product from Nudestix, so I really just might get more products from them.


TBH, I don’t really care for what my makeup products are made of, but I do care about what’s not in them. The Nudestix Nudies Matte All Over Face Bronze Color is free from alcohol, fragrance, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and silicones, which I like a lot because I have ultra sensitive skin, and I really need products that won’t irritate my skin or clog my pores.

Real Talk: The Review

From the minute the Nudestix Nudies Matte All Over Face Bronze Color touched my skin, I knew that this was a winner. I got it in the shade Bondi Belle, which luckily turned out to be a great natural colour for my skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone, this would be a good shade for you.

It’s a matte bronzer stick which has the bronzer on one end, and a small brush on the other end. The brush twists off so it can be easily washed!


No joke, this is incredibly easy to blend. Either with your fingers, a sponge, or even the brush that’s attached, anything will work to get that seamless finish. It has so far layered really well with my foundation, concealer, and just bare skin that only has skincare.

It’s very lightweight, and it somehow just melts into my skin and makes it look like it’s just my natural sun-kissed skin. It’s not too matte either, which is great as it doesn’t make my makeup look patchy or dry.

I tend to only use bronzers when I have a full beat on, ie. using foundation and the works instead of spot concealing, and this really helps to bring back life into my face and making my face look more 3D and chiseled. Having said that, this stuff actually looks pretty natural on the skin, so sometimes I use it when I want to look a tad bit more snatched on no-makeup makeup days, too.

You won’t need much of it either; just swipe the stick across the skin wherever you want it, and blend away. It’s buildable too, so you can add as much as you’d like. I even use it to contour my nose a little bit.

Plus, this stuff stays ON. Rain or shine, hell or high water, I’ve worn this for long hours while sweating, and this baby didn’t budge.


It’s a really convenient packaging: it’s a twist tube, so you can apply it straight onto your face. The other side has a brush that I actually find really nice too as it’s dense yet soft enough to blend the product really well. I appreciate the fact that you can just twist the brush out so it’s easy to clean, too!

The product comes in a metal container with a mirror on the lid, so you can bring it with you on the go for easy touch-ups. However, I do find the size of the container a bit awkward as you can’t really fit anything else in it, unless they’re mini. I wouldn’t have gotten it for the packaging though, so this doesn’t really matter to me.

Final Thoughts

If it isn’t obvious by now, I’m in love with this product. It’s basically everything I could ask for in a cream bronzer – it blends super easily, the packaging is great, and the shade match is spot on, too. If it weren’t for the price, I would repurchase this as soon as I run out, no hesitation. For now, I’ll just every last bit of it.

Where to Buy

Nudestix is a Sephora exclusive brand in Malaysia, so you can only get it at Sephora online or at one of their physical stores.

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