Maintaining a good relationship with supplements and vitamins daily should become accessible to every woman in this generation. Yet, the practice of keeping a balanced diet and implementing supplements may be perplexing and deceptive. 

Retail shelves are packed with identical basic items, with no instruction on what the ingredients comprise, their digestible condition, and most importantly, if the product is truly something you’ll need for your daily lives. ‘’There are so many platforms and doctors that have ‘hero’ products or believe that there is one solution to a host of issues, but we struggled to find anything targeted specifically to women,’’ says Maya & Mili of Moom Health

Mixing science with research, Moom emphasises in women’s health

‘’Moom Health’’ arose from personal women’s health struggles as the sister-duo have encountered challenges while on their particular wellness quests. Mili was afflicted with hormonal acne at the age of 27 and was taken Roaccutane, whilst Maya was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at the age of 15 and was given the birth control pill. After experiencing several detrimental effects from these over-the-counter pills, the sisters sought natural medicine and finally discovered a comprehensive combination of supplements for themselves.

Maya and Mili started to combine a fusion of Asian and Western health traditions, nutritional foods, herbs, and lifestyle. They mixed science and research. Everything that sisters do, it emphasises women’s health. ‘’Our functional range consists of remedies that support specific women’s health issues in under 60 minutes, like bloating and sleep! They’re great ‘starter’ supplements for people who may have never consumed supplements before because you can really feel them working quickly!,’’ says the siblings’ co-founders. 

Tell us more about Moom current products? 

We have two lines of products: a functional range and a daily supplement range. All of our supplements are 100% natural, sugar, soy, and gluten-free, filler-free, vegan, halal, and non-GMO. They’re all formulated by our expert advisory board, which includes a naturopath, nutritionist, sexual health specialist, and general practitioner. Our supplement range comes in a box with 30 daily sachets in them. You can either pick a pre-made ‘pack’ that curates ingredients for you based on what you’re looking to solve, or go for our customised range.’

If you opt for the customised range, all you need to do is take a quiz that asks you questions about your health and wellness – it will then come out with a set of supplement recommendations based on your specific needs. You’ll then get a monthly subscription sent to you. 

Maya & Mili Kale

How has your wellness and beauty routine changed since launching Moom Health?

Our beauty routine has stayed quite consistent both before and after Moom. On the wellness front, we can say that we take all Moom products and love to try new things to see how they may work for us. We’ve definitely started incorporating more rest and self-care on the weekends than before because we start to feel drained at the end of the week. It’s super important to take time for yourself when building a business.

What is the most underrated wellness practice that you wish Asian women would take seriously?

Incorporating vegetables into every meal. At the beginning of someone’s wellness journey, it’s super important to make little changes that can make a big difference. Something like adding vegetables into all of your meals can really help support your gut, skin, hair, brain, and hormones. 

In what way would you like to see the beauty and wellness industries change?

We really believe the beauty and wellness industry should start looking at the nuances of the Asian woman, and women in general. There’s hardly any studies around wellness and the modern Asian woman. We wanted to target women’s health because when we came up with Moom, we drew from our own experiences. We struggled to find anything targeted specifically to women, and even more specifically to each woman in a unique way. 

While our supplements are for anybody, our quiz is more targeted and developed to menstruators. We believe that the more specific we are about what we do, especially when it comes to women’s health the greater the impact we make. 

Moom supplements are 100% natural, sugar, soy, and gluten-free, filler-free, vegan, halal, and non-GMO

One thing you wish you had known sooner regarding women wellness?

Quality really does matter. The things you put in and on your body are truly so important. All ingredients are not made equal so it is crucial to pay attention to the form of an ingredient, the science behind it, whether or not it is organic, if a product has been formulated by experts, if it is free of fillers and unnecessary ‘nasties’, etc. 

It is something we didn’t pay enough attention to when we were younger, and always looking for the cheaper, more viral option. But it is at the core of how we have built Moom, and it is at the core of what we want our community to be looking for. 

What ‘’big-sister’’ advice would you give young ladies out there regarding wellness?

Take things one step at a time. I think many of us look for this overnight ‘change’. [The media overhype] supplements, working out, eating healthy, meditating, etc, in one month everything ‘’will change’’. You should start small with your supplement and other wellness rituals. Focus on one goal at a time, don’t expect miracles to happen but with time, you will begin to see and feel changes. 

What’s next for Moom Health and Kale sisters?

This year, we are focussed on expansion across channels in Singapore and Malaysia and we are also working to intentionally expand our supplement library to further fulfil the needs of the modern Asian woman. We have learnt so much from our community and our experiences in both Malaysia and Singapore, and we want to take those learnings and implement them in any and every way we can across Moom. 

As corny as it may sound, we just want to grow in an organic, honest, and community-focussed way and hope that as we develop and mature we can do just that and more!

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