NARS Cosmetics disrupts the conventional beauty scene with its latest creation: the Powermatte High-Intensity Lip Pencil. This groundbreaking addition to the Powermatte franchise offer a vivid spectrum of colours and comfort that defy the ordinary and adds power to your stride.

NARS Powermatte High-Intensity Lip Pencil

At the core of this lip pencil lies the Power Pigment Complex—a dynamic fusion of pure pigments suspended in rich, emollient oils and colour-locking ingredients. This innovative blend saturates your lips with intense colour, effortlessly gliding on for an unexpectedly comfortable wear.

Precision, matte finish, and a remarkable 12-hour wear defines characteristics of the Powermatte High-Intensity Lip Pencil. Transfer-proof and featherweight, it stands resilient against the day’s challenges, ensuring your lips remain the focal point of your unique and striking look. Termed the Powermatte High-Intensity Lip Pencil, this collection embodies a fusion of strength and precision, housed in a pencil format.


The Power Pigment Complex is not just an innovation; it’s a beauty evolution. Pure pigments and colour-locking ingredients allows for dense colour application that glides effortlessly and comfortably throughout the day. Moreover, the formula proudly stands against parabens, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients, ensuring a guilt-free, cutting-edge aesthetic.

Choose from the diverse palette of 10 transfer-proof shades, each promising 12-hour staying power. The sharpenable pencil format allows for precise application, packed with pigment that wears comfortably throughout the day. Experience the transformative cream-to-matte texture that effortlessly glides on, sealing your lips with a bold, matte finish that defies convention.

Instant precision, matte finish, 12-hour wear, transfer-proof, and all-day comfort. With one swipe, experience instant colour that defines your vibe. The transformative cream-to-matte texture and the vegan formula add an extra layer of distinction to traditional beauty standards.

10 Shades

The Powermatte High-Intensity Lip Pencil offers a spectrum of distinct shades, from the tan rose of “Take Me Home” to the passionate scarlet red of “Cruella.” Each shade is a statement, encouraging you to express your individuality and embrace the power of intense lip colour.

François Nars, the Founder & Creative Director, encapsulates the essence of this collection in his shade quotes. “A bold lip always adds power to your look,” he asserts, echoing the sentiment that lips are the new power move. “Lips that are soft, yet intense—it’s an absolutely powerful look,”. He declares, leaving no room for doubt about the transformative power of the Powermatte High-Intensity Lip Pencil.

Let your lips lead the way—because staying in power has never looked so beautiful. Purchase the Powermatte High-Intensity Lip Pencil at NARS, priced at RM135.00.