Lush, the renowned British-founded fresh, handmade cosmetics brand, has elevated the beauty scene in Malaysia with the launch of its tenth store at Suria KLCC. This grand opening not only signifies Lush’s commitment to providing high-quality cosmetic products but also underscores its dedication to sustainability and environmental conservation.

Sustainability at its Core: Beyond Beauty for a Better Planet

Lush Malaysia has set itself apart by promoting a cosmetic revolution that goes beyond beauty, focusing on human, animal, and environmental rights. Central to their sustainability efforts is the coral planting initiative, coupled with packaging-free innovations that have collectively saved a remarkable 13.8K tons of plastic globally. 

Dr. Harvinder Harchand Unveils the Naked Truth

Dr Harvinder Harchand, Director of Lush Malaysia encourages the customers to support the mission of Lush by saving the planet, leaving it “Lusher” than we found it.

Dr. Harvinder Harchand, Director of Lush Malaysia, gives us a glimpse behind the scenes, sharing the philosophy behind “naked” products and how they reduce costs while ensuring better ingredients tailored to customers’ needs. 

“In our stores, customers can experience Lush’s products being sold without packaging, or as they call it “naked” products. The idea behind naked products is to reduce the cost that would typically incur with packaging, enabling the products to be made using better ingredients, suitable for the customers’ needs,” she said.

Lush’s Social Responsibility Initiatives

The guests participated in the Bath Bomb Workshop where they also learned about Lush’s core values, which include 100% vegetarian, fight against animal testing, all round sustainability and recycled packaging. 

Lush goes the extra mile by championing social responsibility through initiatives like the Charity Pot and Bring It Back schemes. Uncover the story behind Charity Pot, the hand and body cream that allocates 100% of its sales towards grants supporting animal protection, environment, and human rights. 

Join the recycling movement with the Bring It Back scheme, encouraging customers to return empty packaging and contributing to a closed-loop recycling system. Lush is committed to turning beauty into a force for positive change.

Personalised Beauty with a Conscience

 Guests immersed themselves with LUSH products while learning about Lush’s commitment to creativity, sustainability, and a greener future.

During the opening speech, Harvinder highlighted Lush’s belief that a business should be ethical and that all trade should be fair. At Lush, they’re always ready to help enhance customer awareness and product selection with on-site consultations, connecting customers with products that not only meet their beauty needs but also align with their values. 

She also further emphasised “We hold on to the belief that a business should be ethical and all trade should be fair. This is reflected through our products and how we conduct our business. It’s no secret that consumers are becoming increasingly conscientious about the impact of the products they buy.” 

“We want to make sure when customers purchase our products, it’s not only beneficial but resonates with their values. Customers should be rest assured that the production of Lush items is ethical and safe – from the sourcing of materials right to when it reaches their hands.”

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