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The New Laneige NEO Cushion Takes Makeup World By Storm!

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Bringing cushion innovation to the next legacy, Laneige introduces the all-new NEO Cushion, as the 1st Blue Light Cushion Foundation! It comes with a 360-degree borderless design and one-touch spinning refill. The all-new Laneige NEO Cushion is designed in collaboration with Korean designer Yeongkyu Yoo, a designer with innovative creativity who skillfully uses the latest technology to emphasise an object’s function.

Since the launch of Laneige’s first cushion compact in 2012 which is also the world’s No.1 Cushion with 14.8 million units sold globally! Laneige has continued to pioneer and lead the market by introducing innovative cushion offerings. This new product can give users a marvellously fresh and new perspective of a BB cushion. Hooked up to know more? Well, below, Beauty Insider Malaysia has got all the news for you!

What is The Laneige NEO Cushion All About?

In this day and age, digital devices are so common in our lives that we may fail to notice that the blue light emitted by computers and mobile screens can damage our skin. This eventually causes premature ageing and hyper-pigmentation. To protect our skin from the ravages of blue light, the Laneige NEO Cushion contains Titanium Dioxide which helps to filter and protect our skin from the blue light emitted by the gadgets, and it is currently the 1st cushion to be certified for blue light filtering.

Since the launch of Laneige’s first cushion compact in 2012 which is also the world’s No.1 Cushion with 14.8 million units sold and 82 beauty awards globally, Laneige has continued to pioneer and lead the market by introducing innovative cushion offerings. After many months of the product development process, they unveil a newly transformed cushion the LANEIGE NEO Cushion, powered by the latest cushion technology which comes with key fundamental makeup benefits and innovative design.

What Sets Laneige NEO Cushion Apart From Others?

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Designed with powerful makeup attributes, the Laneige NEO Cushion comes in two different variations which include NEO Cushion Matte in NEO Mint Green colour that offers a matte makeup finishing and 24 hours longer lasting flawless complexion. The new NEO cushion also features a new NEO Cushion Glow and is available in a NEO Pink colour tone, offering a 24 hours prism-like glowy complexion with skincare benefits.

What Is The Difference Between These Two Cushions?

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The simplicity of both designs resembles a single monolithic block lending a sense of aesthetic satisfaction to the user. While its integral 360-degree borderless design with no front and back borders make it comfortable for the user to hold. Additionally, another key unique highlight of the Laneige NEO Cushion features the “One-Touch Spinning Refill” method offering users the ease of replacing the refill with a single rotation. This makes it flexible and convenient for both right-handed and left-handed users. Below are more details on each of the cushion!

The Laneige NEO Cushion Matte

The Laneige NEO Cushion Matte comes in mint colour and is innovated to give a flawless and long-lasting coverage with a comfortable matte finishing. The cushion comes with a “Micro-Cutting Puff” where the surface of the puff is given slits to enable the puff to hold enough foundation for a buildable thin and yet full coverage on the skin.

1. Full yet Weightless Coverage

The foundation cushion is infused with Ultralight Powders aimed to provide medium to full buildable coverage by instantly covering pores, imperfections and unevenness naturally with a comfortable matte finishing after final application to help you achieve comfortable to wear all day long. The foundation is also formulated with Vivid CoverageTM Technology, which is a micro-sized cover powder to ensure the colour of the foundation stays true on the skin and to keep it looking freshly-applied.

2. 24 Hours Sweat-Resistant Wear

Powered by Humid Defense™ Technology the cushion helps to control excessive sebum, allowing the makeup to last up to 24 hours, keeping skin looking luminous even under hot and humid weather. The cushion is also specially designed to be able to be reapplied multiple times throughout the day without getting cakey.

3. Comfortable Matte Finishing on Skin

The cushion creates a perfect natural flawless complexion upon application while ensuring a comfortable and breathable matte finishing on skin.

The Laneige NEO Cushion Glow

The Laneige NEO Cushion Glow comes in pink colour and is designed to accentuate the beauty of the bare skin by giving our skin a prism-like glowing complexion upon application. The cushion comes with an “Air-Hole Puff” where the middle of the puff contains 40 air holes allowing a soft application on the skin without losing moisture. This gives the application a radiant and dewy look with a bouncy soft finish.

1. 360-degree Diamond Radiant Coverage

The foundation cushion is formulated with Liquid DiamondTM which embodies liquefied diamond powder turned into silver pearl liquid, enabling the expression of glowing skin from every angle.

2. 12 Hour Stay-True Colour

The cushion is also formulated with True Color SolutionTM Pigments that offers instant clear and bright complexion upon application and with its anti-oxidising effect it can prevent the skin from darkening

3. 24 hours Hydration Glow

It is also clinically proven that the Dewy-Lasting Technology which was used to create the Laneige NEO Cushion Glow helps to retain moisture in the skin that is five times stronger than Laneige’s popular whitening BB Cushion, making hydration last for 24 hours on the skin. The technology allows the moisturiser in the foundation to touch the skin first before the pigments do hence it gives a comfortable and dewy finishing when the formula is applied on the skin.

How Many Shades Does The Cushion Come In?

Identifying the right colour shade is important as it helps to cover blemishes and even out your complexion to achieve a smooth surface for the rest of the makeup products. The LANEIGE NEO Cushion offers a wide range of colour shades to match different skin tones and the available shade includes 13N, 21N, 23N, 25N (NEW), 31N, 33N and 35N.

Where to Buy The Laneige NEO Cushion?

The all-new Laneige NEO Cushions will be available at all Laneige beauty counters or boutiques nationwide from 1st August onwards! You can also buy the cushion foundation at the following websites, Zalora, Hermo, Shopee, Lazada and Go Shop TV and have it delivered directly to your doorsteps!

What Are The Other Perks With The Purchase?

Also, in line with the launch of the all-new Laneige NEO Cushion in Malaysia, Laneige collaborates with renowned bag and accessories specialist brand, Sometime by Asian Designers to create a SOMETIME FOR LANEIGE special edition Estela canvas bag (worth RM119).

Shoppers will be entitled to a complimentary SOMETIME FOR LANEIGE special edition Estela canvas bag of choice (based on colours while stocks last) with every purchase of Laneige normal-priced items which includes the Neo Cushion of choice worth RM 680 from the period of 1st of August 2020 to 15th September 2020) at any Laneige beauty counters and boutiques nationwide.

As part of the collaboration, every Sometime by Asian Designers’ customer will also be entitled to an RM30 off on any Laneige NEO Cushion with any purchase at or their showroom in The Gardens Mall, KL. They will also be entitled to redeem a sample of the NEO Cushion sample for themselves at any Laneige beauty counters or boutiques (available while stocks last), from 1st August until the end of September 2020.