It’s most likely that you have come across the term double-cleansing. Well, it’s a double cleanse method that most people from influencers to skin junkies swear by. Have you ever feel that your skin is not thoroughly cleansed even if you’re using a foamy cleanser? That’s when double cleansing comes in handy! Although most people might freak out on the thought of lathering their face with an oil-based cleanser. Trust us, you will never go back to your regular cleansing routine. Beauty Insider has gathered a complete guide on double cleansing, so jump on the bandwagon now!

What is Double Cleansing?


Initially practice in Japan and Korea, double cleansing is a method in which you use two different types of cleansers to effectively remove impurities. Typically the first cleanser involves using an oil-based cleanser and followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step will dissolve any makeup, sebum, and sunscreen, thus it allows the second cleanser to remove any residual on the skin.

What are the Benefits of Double Cleansing?

double cleansing benefits
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  • Effectively dissolve makeup, sunscreen, pollutants, and sebum
  • Remove excess oil
  • Prevent acne
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Allows skincare products to penetrate into the skin easily

How Often You Should Double Cleanse?

double cleanse

It is recommended that you double cleanse during the nighttime skincare routine, especially considering the fact that you might have been wearing makeup or even sunscreen throughout the day. Although most people tend to double cleanse only once per day, some even choose to do it twice, in the morning and night. Regardless of the frequency, you need to incorporate this method based on your skin type and lifestyle.

How to Double Cleanse Based on Your Skin Type?

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If you wanted to start out on a double cleansing routine, it’s important that you know your skin type and creates a step based on that. Indeed, we love a good double cleansing, however, using the right products is equally important to not strip the skin of its natural oil.

Oily skin

If you have oily skin, don’t be afraid to use oil-based cleanser during the first step as it will helps to eliminate excess oil and sebum in your skin. However, if you’re not keen of lathering your face with oil, use a cotton pad that has been soaked in a micellar water and dab it across your face to attract and remove oil and dirt.

Then, opt for gel or clay-based cleansers that are formulated with anti-inflammatory properties such as green tea extract, aloe vera, or glycolic acid. These ingredients will help to soothe, balance, and control the sebum production of the skin.

Dry skin

People with dry skin need to avoid over-stripping the skin of its oil, thus it is suggested that you started out with emollients or cleansing balm for extra hydration. Afterward, cleanse your skin with a cleanser that contains anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycolic acids, green tea extract, or vitamin C. Then, make sure to apply the moisturizer when your face is still damp.

Normal or combination skin

If you have combination or normal skin, it’s imperative that you use products that help to even out the skin tone and balance the skin. Therefore, an oil-based cleanser that contains ceramides, jojoba oil, or argan oil will do wonders for your skin. Meanwhile, for the second cleanser, opt for a foam-based cleanser with hyaluronic acid, glycolic acids, almond, or squalene oils to hydrate and brighten the skin.

Sensitive or acne-prone skin

It can be difficult to choose the best cleanser that suits sensitive or acne-prone skin, thus it is important that you look for a non-irritating and gentle oil-based cleanser. Simply, opt for an oil cleanser that contains tea tree oil, glycolic acid, aloe vera extract, green tea extract, and vitamin E. Next, you can choose a milk cleanser or exfoliating cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your face.

10 Best Cleansers For Double Cleansing

1.Hanskin’s Pore Cleansing Oil

Hanskin’s Pore Cleansing Oil is the perfect oil cleanser for people with oily skin as it gently exfoliates and helps to regulate sebum production. Enriched with nourishing and soothing ingredients such as tea tree oil, jojoba oil, olive oil as well as a blend of fruit extracts like grapefruit, lemon, and orange. Most of all, this lightweight oil cleanser helps to balance the skin and removes makeup as well as impurities.

Why we love it:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Balance the skin

Price:RM84.00. Available at Shopee.

2.Sunday Riley CERAMIC SLIP Clay Cleanser

Infused with French green clay and Moroccan rhassoul clay, Sunday Riley CERAMIC SLIP Clay Cleanser effectively removes impurities and unclog the pores without making the skin dry. On top of that, it is packed with vitamin C and Neroli essential oil to brighten and soothe the skin, leaving your skin smoother and radiant.

Why we love it:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Minimize the appearance of pores
  • Plant based cleanser

Price:RM196.00. Available at Sephora.

3. Avène’s XeraCalm Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil

Avène’s XeraCalm Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil is a non-comedogenic cleanser that helps to gently cleanse the skin. Packed with Avène thermal spring water for its soothing properties and cer-omega to fortify the hydrolipidic film. This gentle cleansing oil will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.

Why we love it:

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Paraben, steroid, and fragrance free
  • Nourishing

Price:RM101.15. Available at Shopee.

4. Skyn ICELAND Glacial Face Wash With Biospheric Complex

If you have dry skin, incorporating the Skyn ICELAND Glacial Face Wash With Biospheric Complex for the second cleanser will help to purify your skin and draw out the impurities. Moreover, it is loaded with cylindrica seed oil to repair and protect the lipid barrier, thus prevent your skin from further dryness.

Why we love it:

  • Contains retinol
  • Gentle cleanser
  • Purifies and detoxifies

Price:RM126.00. Available at Shopee.

5. Tatcha’s Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

With 4.5 star ratings on Sephora, Tatcha’s Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil is an all rounder cleanser that removes makeup and impurities. Loaded with camellia oil and omegas oil, it nourish the skin with its vitamins without making your skin feeling dry.

Why we love it:

  • Removes makeup and impurities
  • Minimizes fine lines
  • Suitable for normal skin

Price:RM205.00. Available at Sephora.

6. Embryolisse Crème Moussante Visage Sans Savon — Foaming Cream-Milk

Embryolisse Crème Moussante Visage Sans Savon — Foaming Cream-Milk should be on top of your list if you have normal or combination skin. This milky cream cleanser features prickly pear extract, bio-lipid complex and glycerin which effectively draw out impurities, leaving your skin clearer and smoother. Furthermore, it is also formulated to keep your skin intensely hydrated.

Why we love it:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Suitable for combination or normal skin

Price:RM55.17. Available at Guardian.

7. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This cult favorite cleansing oil is known for its hydrating and soothing formula that is suitable for people with sensitive or acne prone skin. Packed with vitamin E and olive oil, it hydrate and nourish the skin. This paraben-free cleansing oil eliminates makeup, impurities, and excess oil, without leaving any oily residue on your skin.

Why we love it:

  • Paraben-free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Contains Vitamin E

Price:RM88.20. Available at Watsons.

8. BIOSSANCE Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil

If you have been searching for the best cleansing oil, you need to consider adding Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil to your skincare routine. This lightweight cleansing oil gently eliminates impurities and dissolve makeup with one single use. Enriched with squalane oil and sugarcane extract, it hydrates and leaving you with a fresh feeling.

Why we love it:

  • Rich in antioxidant
  • Lightweight
  • Paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, synthetic fragrance and phthalate-free

Price:RM47.00. Available at Sephora.

9. Pixi Double Cleanse

Pixi Double Cleanse is a perfect cleanser for double cleansing as it features a solid cleansing oil and a cleansing cream. It contains everything that you need in just one packaging. The solid cleansing oil helps to draw out makeup, sunscreen and impurities. Meanwhile, the cleansing cream cleanses your face thoroughly and prep it for the next step.

Why we love it:

  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Dissolve makeup

Price:RM120.00. Available at Sephora.

10. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

With 4.5 star ratings on Sephora, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser should be included into your double cleansing routine asap! This gel cleanser effectively dissolve even the most stubborn makeup without making your skin dry. Enriched with soy proteins, cucumber extract and rosewater, it soothes and tones the skin, revealing a radiant and healthy complexion.

Why we love it:

  • Gentle gel cleanser
  • Soothes the skin
  • Contains amino acid-rich soy proteins

Price:RM177.00. Available at Sephora.

Author: Balqis Ariffin | Date: 17th March 2021