Y2K aesthetics are coming back and everyone is loving it more than ever! Teens and young adults nowadays are leaning more and more towards the early 2000s fashion and makeup trends. One of the main reasons is that the Y2K aesthetic feels nostalgic and familiar! As many are reminded of their childhoods, the Y2K style is making a significant comeback. Just like how the 90s aesthetic was becoming a trend, the same thing is happening with the Y2K aesthetic. Y2K makeup trends are taking over TikTok and Beauty Insider is here to show you a few tips and tricks! Furthermore, 00s trends like the colourful liners, glossy lip gloss and gems are coming back. Aside from that, the Y2K aesthetic takes inspiration from early 2000s techwear, cyberpunk and streetwear. 

Y2K Makeup Aesthetic Trends


@paigepiskin Y2K makeup filter with thin eyebrows! Are they thin enough? Mine are small so I can’t tell! #fyp #foryou ♬ Fantasy (feat. O.D.B.) (Bad Boy Fantasy) – Mariah Carey

In terms of eyebrows, the Y2K aesthetic calls for thin brows instead of fuller brows. There is also a filter going viral on TikTok which has a Y2K theme of darkening lip liners and pumping up lashes. The best part about Y2K makeup? There is no right or wrong way to do it! The trend however with 2000s eyebrows, was to make them as thin as possible. Make sure you add a pop of colour too to match your makeup for the complete Y2K aesthetic!


image credits – pinterest

When it comes to eyeliner trends in the 2000s, people were laying it on THICC. Complete with a sharp and long wing, you’ll blend right in with the Y2K makeup aesthetic! Aside from that, you can also experiment with different graphic liners to complement your look. The cyber Y2K makeup trend on TikTok also emphasises the eyes. To further descend into the Y2K makeup aesthetic, make sure to give your eyes a doll-like look. A good tip to achieve huge doll-like eyes is to apply white eyeliner on your waterline. This gives the illusion of bigger eyes. What’s more, you can also draw on false bottom lashes to open your eyes! 


image credits – pinterest

Moving on to the eyelashes, the Y2K makeup trends call for over-the-top lashes. To emphasise the eyes and really make your eyes pop, put on a pair of long and thick lashes. This will definitely make your eyes appear bigger than they are. And, thick, long and large lashes just look flattering on anybody! 

Blush & Freckles

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One of the key elements of Y2K makeup is the sunburn blush and faux freckles. Swipe some blusher across your cheeks and nose bridge to create a sunburn blush effect. Rosy pink cheeks and some faux freckles definitely remind us all of the 2000s. A tip for creating faux freckles is to use your eyebrow pencil or even brown eyeshadow. Just dab them all over your nose and cheek however you want. An important thing is to remember to blend it all so that it looks natural! 


@rarebeauty Selena uses Positive Light Liquid Luminizer in Enchant w/ the Liquid Touch Foundation Brush ✨ #rarebeauty #highlighter #luminizer #selenagomez ♬ original sound – Rare Beauty

Of course, a makeup look is never complete without highlighter! The Y2K aesthetic is no exception. A swipe of highlighter on the highest points of your cheekbone and tip of your nose can transform your whole look. Making your skin look like it’s glowing under the sun. highlight the inner corners of your eyes as well for a little sparkle. 


@makeupbytammi Y2K Aesthetic ✔️ #y2kaesthetic #y2k #y2kmakeup #tryingdifferentaesthetics #blackgirlmagic #y2koutfits #cluelessoutfits ♬ 34+35 – Remix – Ariana Grande

One thing about the Y2K makeup trend is that lip liner is a must! Aside from the trending glossy lips and natural lip looks, a super-defined lip liner is also exactly what you need to create a cyber Y2K look. So, pick a dark lip liner shade and line your lips. Next, pick a lipstick or lip gloss shade that is a bit lighter than your lip liner.