In a dazzling display of opulence and sophistication, YSL Beauté pulled out all the stops at the grand opening of its newest boutique in Malaysia at The Exchange TRX. The evening of January 24th witnessed a star-studded affair that left the beauty enthusiasts in attendance mesmerised and craving for more.

Draped in white and black marble walls and flooring, the boutique interior exudes the luxurious and edgy DNA of the YSL house.

The white marble, like the beauty of a radiant moon, illuminates the space, while the black marble, reminiscent of a midnight sky, adds a touch of contrast. Gold, silver, and luminous lines accentuate the sleekness, transforming the entire space into a runway for the daring and the confident.

The marble retail space, a symphony of fashion and comfort, takes the consumer on a journey where luxury meets approachability. It’s like finding the perfect pair of stilettos that look killer and feel like clouds—pure magic.

But what’s luxury without a sprinkle of celebrity stardust? Mark Tuan, the heartthrob of GOT7 fame, graced the occasion with his presence, turning the event into a buzzing hive of excitement. Fans, having camped out since the wee hours, finally got a glimpse of their idol, and it was like the Second Coming of Glam.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, officiated by YAM Tengku Zatashah binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, Mark Tuan, Meerqeen – YSL Beauté Malaysia Ambassador, Trevor Hill – General Manager The Exchange TRX, and Zaireen Ibrahim – YSL Beauté & Armani Beauty General Manager MY & SG, was a declaration of the beauty revolution.

Speaking of Meerqeen, Malaysia’s YSL Beauté ambassador, his rise to fame is nothing short of meteoric. From ‘Hero Remaja’ to ‘Melur Untuk Firdaus’, Meerqeen’s partnership with YSL Beauté is a testament to his influence in Malaysia.

As if the grand opening wasn’t enough to leave us swooning, YSL Beauté decided to drop a fragrance bomb on us – MYSLF. Launched on January 25, 2024, this eau de parfum is the epitome of modern masculinity, challenging societal expectations and embracing the unique identity of every man.

MYSLF EDP comes in two sizes: 100ML for RM545 and 60ML for RM410.

The fragrance, a symphony of flowers and wood, is a finely tuned olfactory masterpiece. The beating heart of orange blossom, accompanied by bergamot, sets the stage for a luminous and floral experience. AmbrofixTM, a 100% natural biotech material, brings modern woody ambery vibes, tying in with the fresh aromatic accord of clary sage and Indonesian patchouli heart. It’s a scent that speaks volumes without saying a word – the modern man’s olfactory signature.

So, whether you’re a beauty rebel, a fragrance fanatic, or just a Mark Tuan fanboy/girl, YSL Beauté’s newest boutique at The Exchange TRX is your haven. It’s not just a store; it’s an experience, a celebration of confidence, boldness, and the essence of modern beauty. The revolution has begun, and it smells damn good.