In celebration of the auspicious Year of the Dragon, shu uemura invites beauty enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world of glamour and indulgence at the Chinese New Year Podium pop-up, hosted at Starhill Piazza until February 4th. Dressed in vibrant red CNY packaging, shu uemura unveils two new shades each for Rouge Unlimited Kinu Matte and Rouge Unlimited Kinu Cream, retailing at RM155 each, to usher in good fortune and style.

The pop-up podium is not merely a showcase of products but a multifaceted experience designed for beauty aficionados. Three enticing stations beckon visitors to explore and revel in the world of shu uemura’s bestselling products while enjoying exclusive perks.

Capture the essence of the festivities by snapping a picture with Kokeshu, the adorable mascot, and upload it to your social media channels. By doing so, you stand a chance to win RM1,000 worth of shu uemura products, transforming your beauty routine with a touch of luxury.

The pop-up experience doesn’t end there – indulge in a complimentary shu make-over to elevate your Chinese New Year look. Unleash your inner radiance with the expertise of shu uemura’s beauty consultants, ensuring you step into the year with confidence and style.

The festivities extend beyond mere visual allure as shu uemura invites you to treat yourself to a sensorial hand spa featuring their bestselling cleansing oils. Immerse your senses in the luxurious experience, allowing the rich and nourishing oils to rejuvenate and pamper your hands, leaving them soft and revitalised.

As you explore the pop-up podium, you’ll discover not only exclusive products but a celebration of beauty that engages all your senses. Join shu uemura in embracing the Year of the Dragon with style, sophistication, and a touch of indulgence. Visit the Starhill Piazza pop-up before February 4th to unlock the secrets of shu uemura’s beauty and welcome prosperity in the most glamorous way possible.