Surely you’ve heard of Empro, an unmissable brand in pharmacies and drugstores all over Malaysia. The brand is known for being one of the biggest brands to provide masks during the pandemic, as well as firmly establishing itself as a Malaysian beauty powerhouse. We got to sit down and have a conversation with Prof. Dr. Coco Alex Yeoh, the man behind it all. In this exclusive interview, we got to delve into his mind to really find out what makes Empro tick, and how innovation and trends can help brands boom, and about the highly-anticipated Beautyexpo & Cosmobeauté Malaysia.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Coco Alex Yeoh

As a well-known figure in the beauty industry, what excites you most about participating in Beautyexpo & Cosmobeauté Malaysia, and what are your expectations for this year’s

I’m eagerly anticipating the unfolding transformations within the beauty industry. The
evolution of new products and technologies holds the promise of elevating our service
standards for customers, thereby influencing the livelihoods of us professionals who rely on
this industry to provide for our families.

As I progress in my career, my aspiration is to witness younger generations of beauty
professionals harness advanced technologies to foster a robust global network within our
industry. By utilising accessible tools that disseminate information and knowledge, we can
collectively enhance our professional expertise and stay attuned to contemporary insights
that enrich the value we bring to our services.

As a founder/brand ambassador/KOL, what inspired you to venture into the beauty industry, and what unique perspective do you bring to the table?

My journey in the beauty industry began with a realization: the profound impact that
meticulously crafted eyebrows can have on a person’s appearance. At that time, there was a widespread pursuit of popular eyebrow shapes, often overlooking whether these “ideal”
brows truly complemented an individual’s facial features. What’s more, the technology
available then was often irreversible.

Taking a different path, I advocated for the significance of eyebrows that harmonise with a
person’s unique facial attributes, rather than conforming to passing trends. I also embarked
on a quest to find a colourant rooted in natural ingredients, one that offered semi-permanent results, affording my customers the flexibility to adjust their brow shapes over time.

Among my accomplishments, I take pride in introducing the world’s pioneering triangular
eyebrow pencil. This innovation marked a monumental leap, eliminating the need for pencil
sharpening and streamlining the beauty routine for countless customers.

My journey in the beauty industry has been shaped by a commitment to authenticity and
empowerment. By redefining beauty standards and championing innovation, I’ve aimed to
provide not only superior products but also a fresh perspective that celebrates individuality.

With the beauty industry constantly evolving, what trends do you foresee gaining
momentum in the Malaysian market, and how is your brand embracing these trends?

Undoubtedly, consumers today are actively seeking out innovative products that offer rapid
or even instantaneous results. Yet, the evolution of the industry is driven by multiple factors,
including the appeal of getting value for one’s money and the efficacy of advertising and
promotional strategies that extend our reach to new clientele.

In our pursuit of progress, we’re dedicated to formulating products that prioritise not only
safety but also expedited outcomes. Diversification has also played a pivotal role in our
approach, as we’ve introduced distinct product lines tailored to various consumer segments, considering factors like age, ethnicity, and gender.

Remaining at the forefront requires an acute awareness of shifting market demands and an ability to swiftly respond to change. By staying attuned to these dynamics, we ensure our ongoing relevance in an ever-evolving landscape. Our commitment to innovation and adaptability continues to be the driving force behind our endeavours.

As a key person in the beauty space, what role do you think social media plays in shaping beauty perceptions and trends? How do you ensure a positive and authentic impact on your audience?

In today’s world, it’s evident that social media wields a significant influence on shaping beauty ideals and trends. This is particularly heightened by the rapid dissemination of information and news across the globe through advanced communication tools. However, this influence is a double-edged sword; its potential for negative consequences is as substantial as its positive impact.

Over time, we’ve consistently advocated for a beauty paradigm rooted in natural authenticity. Our commitment to this principle remains unwavering, despite the fluctuating tides of trends. It’s important to recognise that not every trend aligns with individual uniqueness. Consequently, we persist in our pursuit of promoting the idea that true beauty transcends fleeting trends.

In this age of social media dominance, we understand that its potential to both empower and mislead is formidable. Yet, our dedication to championing a more genuine and natural perception of beauty remains resolute. After all, adhering to principles that celebrate individuality is a timeless practice that prevails over the transient allure of passing fads.

In an increasingly competitive beauty market, what strategies do you employ to stay ahead of the curve and maintain your brand’s relevance and popularity?

In order to maintain a leading position, ensure ongoing relevance, and sustain popularity, we adhere to a foundational approach: employing cutting-edge products, embracing emerging technologies, and responding swiftly to market dynamics.

Throughout our journey, we’ve upheld an unwavering commitment to the excellence of our launched offerings. This dedication has resulted in the enduring presence of all Empro products in the market. Our steadfast patrons have remained with us over the years, forming enduring relationships. Moreover, those who venture into experiencing our products tend to become lasting members of our community, recognising the unparalleled value they receive.

Sustainability and ethical practices have become significant concerns for consumers in recent years. How has your brand embraced eco-friendly initiatives and responsible sourcing, and how do you communicate these efforts to your audience?

The escalating consciousness surrounding ecological impact and the demand for eco-friendly products are undeniable trends, ones that consumers increasingly appreciate. At Empro, our products have consistently adhered to eco-friendliness while maintaining universal safety standards.

As we progress, we’re embarking on a new phase of our journey, one that involves integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into our operations. This strategic move is poised to heighten consumer assurance in our brand. Notably, each milestone achieved along this trajectory will be diligently documented and communicated through our social media platforms, ensuring our audience remains informed and engaged.

What valuable insights or advice do you have for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs or those looking to establish themselves as influencers in the industry, especially in the context of the unique Malaysian beauty market?

Delivering sincere product reviews is a practice that holds immense value, as authenticity resonates deeply with audiences and lays a strong foundation for enduring career success. Particularly in today’s landscape where new influencers emerge continuously, the ability to distinguish oneself hinges on tailoring presentations to align with the preferences of the audience.

Inclusivity and diversity have become integral values in the beauty industry. How does your brand actively promote representation and inclusiveness in product offerings and marketing campaigns, and what impact do you believe this has on consumer engagement?

Our approach involves curating and unveiling a diverse range of products tailored to various age brackets, genders, ethnic backgrounds, and economic capacities. A pivotal tenet underlying these offerings is the unequivocal commitment to their safety. Through this approach, we champion both inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that our products cater to a wide spectrum of individuals.

In parallel, our marketing materials are meticulously customized to seamlessly align with the distinct design and essence of each product. This strategy harmonises the messaging with the unique characteristics of the product, bolstering its overall appeal.

The beauty landscape has seen a rise in clean and natural beauty products. How do you strike a balance between innovation and the use of natural ingredients in your brand’s formulations, and how do you educate consumers about the benefits of these choices?

The synergy between these two facets is truly remarkable, contributing to the enhancement of our products. Our profound embrace of innovation is rooted in recognising its potential to enable capabilities that were previously beyond reach. It’s important to note that innovation’s scope extends well beyond mere formulation.

Indeed, the realm of innovation encompasses packaging as well. This is especially apparent in the advancement of packaging technologies that effectively preserve the “freshness” of our products, thereby extending their shelf life significantly. This harmonious blend of innovation across formulation and packaging ensures that our offerings not only evolve with the times but also continually elevate the value we provide to our customers.

All these efforts shall be made very clear in our product label.

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