The pandemic hit us hard but it also brought in many new trends to the beauty world. As many of us were forced into lockdown and away from our favourite beauty salons and spas, we could not enjoy lavish beauty treatments anymore. Hence, at home beauty treatments became its ascend into discovery. Now, as the spread of the COVID-19 virus declines the at home beauty treatment trend still holds steady. Why? Because who wouldn’t enjoy a lavish beauty treatment in the comfort of their own home?

From face slimming treatments and micro-current facials, to hair removal treatments, there are devices out there that have been built for ease and convenience of the typical beauty enthusiast to use in their own home. There’s no need to book an appointment or travel the extra mile to a good salon, just unbox your own beauty device and work it!

Now, you must be wondering; Where can I get these devices? At BeautyFoo Mall, of course!

Joyce Foo and Wilson Seah, Founders of BeautyFoo Mall

BeautyFoo Mall is the authorised distributor of an array of well known and established beauty device and treatment brands from countries all around the world. These include Cellreturn, DPC, and Dualsonic from South Korea, Artistic & Co., and Belega from Japan, and many more, bringing them all here for Malaysians to enjoy!

BELEGA, one of the brands under BeautyFoo Mall caught our attention with their Cell Cure 4T Plus that we had the pleasure of trying ourselves. Truly the future of beauty devices, the Cell Cure 4T Plus delivers results in just 5 minutes! Yes, we are not kidding, double chin who?

Mr. Okumura , CEO of Belega with the Cell Cure 4T Plus

Sit back, relax and massage the device on your skin and let it help you create a more defined complexion that will stir confidence whenever you look in the mirror. The Cell Cure 4T Plus is only one of many beauty devices on BeautyFoo Mall. After trying the device for ourselves, we just had to discover more of what they have to offer. And you should too!

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