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Dry Brushing: The Secret To Smooth, Silky Skin

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There’s been a lot said about the benefits of dry brushing, but does it live up to the hype? As it turns out, regular exfoliation with body brushing is great for preventing ingrown hairs, increasing circulation, and even reducing the look of cellulite. Count us in! While most of us obsess over our facial skincare, this is great introduction to one of the treatments you can do for the rest for your body.

First things first, you’re going to need to find the right brush. Stores like The Body Shop have several options for the kind of thick bristle, wooden handle brushes that you need, but you’ll also find many affordable options online on websites like Lazada. Those with sensitive skin might want to opt for thinner and softer bristles, which are also very useful for facial exfoliation, just make sure you keep a gentle hand.

Dry Brushing Tips:

  1. Start with a completely dry brush and dry skin, it’s best to do this right before you plan to shower. Remember to be gentle, your skin should look a little pinkish and flushed after brushing, but it should never feel painful!
  2. Begin with the bottoms of your feet and work your way up your legs. Do about 10 gentle sweeping motions upwards, it’s said that by brushing towards your heart you can help your lymphatic system drain out any toxins you might have in your body.
  3. Do 10 circular motions once you reach your stomach area, this goes for the underarms as well.
  4. Repeat the upward sweeping motions on your back, chest, and arms. If you find any places on your body hard to reach, try using a brush with a longer handle.
  5. After you shower, it’s important to moisturize after such heavy exfoliation, so use a deeply hydrating moisturizer and body oil to help your skin gleam!

Health note: Do avoid brushing over broken or irritated skin, as this can be painful and harm the healing process. It’s also important to note that if daily brushing is too rough on your skin, reduce the amount of times you dry brush to about 3-4 times a week.

You’ll notice that after doing this regularly you’ll much have less ingrown hairs after your shave, and due to brushing all the dead skin cells that accumulate every day, your legs will be smoother than ever before! Another added bonus is having much plumper and tighter looking skin, this is due to the increased circulation that occurs when you dry brush. This effect is what helps you lose the appearance of cellulite dimples on any of your problem areas.

There’s a lot to love about dry brushing, and as long as you don’t fall out of habit, you’ll be on your way to having effortlessly glowing skin!

Written by Elysha Arnold