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Laneige New Products in Store

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We are putting a spotlight on 3 products new to the popular Korean brand Laneige this summer 2019, namely:

  • Cream Toner – Cream Skin Refiner
  • Face Primer – Skin Veil Base
  • Eyebrow Pencil – Slim-Hard Auto Brow Pencil [Auto Pencil]

Cream Toner

laneige cream skin
Picture from Laneige website,

This water-based cream toner combines the feel of a toner with the benefits of a moisturizing cream. It is designed to hydrate and strengthen your skin barrier.

Face Primers

skin veil base
Picture from Laneige website,

Tinted primers help balance your skin tones. To help guide you with which colour tint best suit your skin tone, check out our article on ‘the remarkable primers – colour correction primers and the colour wheel’.

The three new Laneige face primers to prepare the skin for makeup, colour correct yellow-toned skin and brighten skin with the “Dual Calibration System”. 

three tinted face primers
Pictures from Laneige website,

The face primers come in 3 tinted colours:

  1. Violet – brightens dark, ash-toned yellowish skin
  2. Blue – dull, yellowish skin a cool tone
  3. Green – brightens reddish or reddish yellow skin

The Vitamin Calibration brightens and tones up the skin

Eyebrow pencil

four eyebrow pencils
Picture from Laneige website,

Slim at 1.5mm in diameter, the eyebrow pencils let you draw little strokes mimicking little eyebrow hairs. Laneige offers 4 natural-looking shades to match your eyebrow colour:

  1. Yellow Brown
  2. Mocha Brown
  3. Ash Brown
  4. Natural Grey
eyebrow pencil colours
Pictures from Laneige website,

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