Hailey Bieber never fails to leave an awe-spiring impact. Be it on her on or off duty model job. Her complexion is usually bronzed and shining—thanks to a rigorous skincare routine. She is always open to experimenting with new products too, but her trademark minimalist beauty look is always the easy nude lip and brushed-up brow combination. 

Hailey is known for her dishevelled blonde locks, but she recently transitioned into a deeper brown hue with subtle, sun-kissed highlights. And as usual, she delivers. We at Beauty Insider always have a strong admiration for Hailey Bieber, but this time around we’re doing it extra special by rounding up some of the best minimalist look worn by Ms. Bieber over the past year. She literally proved that a woman shouldn’t always have to pull a heavy, full face makeup. Sometimes, less is indeed more. 

Makeup Products

Here’s a little additional information that you would want to know. When it comes to makeup applications for Hailey, the key is to carefully choose the makeup brands or products that are suitable for your skin. In Hailey’s case however, her makeup artist, Denika uses only the bareMinerals products. Since Hailey is the ambassador to the worldwide brand—it’s a bonus.

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Pescetarianism Diet

Here’s some bombshell revelation, over the past two and a half years, Hailey admitted that she has cut meat (other than fish), and has completely migrated to vegan life. So it is no surprise that she mostly consumes a veggie based diet on a daily basis. As a result, she felt more clear, healthier and energetic than before. We can’t really say the same for Justin though, because he is still somewhat a big fan of meat, as far as we are concerned. 

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Hailey Bieber Best Beauty Looks

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