Wearing glasses without makeup does make one look like you just got out of bed, groomed and leave the house.  If you prefer to give your eyes a break from contacts and still need to go to work or meeting friends etc; Beauty Insider has some tips on how you can wear makeup with frames.

Keep your eyebrows neat

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Glasses will tend to draw the attention to the eyes, thus it is important to keep the eyebrows neat and trimmed.  Using brow palettes to define will have to take care that looks more natural.

Open up the eyes – eye liners

One could go for a more natural eye shadow, but the lenses tend to make the eyes look smaller, thus you could go heavier on the eyeliners to define the eyes.

Open up the eyes – eyelashes

Understandable that one worries about smudging on the lenses.  Using a curler would help and apply a non-smudging eye mascara will help this situation.

The eyes

We do not need to coordinate the eye shadow with the glasses frame colour.  Imagine red eye shadow and red frames, it will look like a mask.  Pair a more natural shade with very strong colour and thick frames.  One could be more adventurous with silver metal frames and frameless glasses.

Go easy on the contouring

face contour

With the frames, you don’t want to keep the face too busy.  You could have a little light pinkish blush that is somewhat natural looking.  Bear on mind, the glasses sit on top of the nose bridge, avoid too much contouring if possible.


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As you draw much attention up to the eyes, you may want to balance it down a little with a bold lip colour.  Strong red, purple, and dark brown lipsticks are a little strong depending on the frames and the occasion.  A medium pink, toffee colour, coral pink and a hint of orange pink lipsticks are good to go.

Ready to rock makeup with glasses? Show off your new look!