Whitening products are aplenty on the market. There are good reasons for that, especially in Asia where to many, the beauty standard is how fair you are. Furthermore, lightening and brightening gives a youthful and healthy look, and helps to even out skin tones.

However, some of us may be concerned with the type of chemicals present in these products, what they are and why they are there. After all, many of us are not chemists and are unsure of the chemical ingredients of these products.

Take for example alpha hydroxyl (AHA) and glycolic acid. These are very effective for whitening. However, they may make skin more sensitive to the sun and heavy blocking is required after.

If we wish to turn to natural ingredients to whiten our face, here is a list of home remedies present in our pantry to help whiten our skin naturally. These ingredients can be used separately or mixed some together for added benefits, then just rinse off after. As with natural ingredients, their effects require frequent use to be effective. Avoid ingredients you are allergic to.



Lactic acid in milk naturally exfoliates your skin by dissolving dead skin cells. Milk has mild bleaching powers to lighten and brighten your skin. Milk will be difficult to be used as a mask on the face by itself. However, if your wish to whiten your body skin, mix in milk with your bath water.



Yogurt has very similar properties to milk and its texture makes it easy to apply to your face. Similar to milk, it contains lactic acid which helps smooth out discoloration when use regularly.



Besides bleaching properties, honey is high in anti-bacterial properties which help acne prone skin and high in antioxidants which prevents skin damage. But given the nature of honey, it is sticky and runny, so honey is best mixed with another ingredient on this list as a mask for the face.



Potatoes are high in vegetable starch and vitamin C, which helps to lighten marks, scars and age spots on the skin. Use raw potatoes, just peel and cut a potato in half and apply to areas on your skin you want to lighten or juice the raw potato and mix with another ingredient on this list.


cucumber slices

Cucumbers are high in water content which helps hydrates your skin. Vitamin C helps to lighten your skin and encourage growth of new cells. Potassium and Magnesium helps lessen fine lines.



Lemon is a go-to ingredient for its bleaching properties. The citric acid and vitamin C help lighten and even out your skin. Squeeze out a little of the juice and add to other ingredients on this list. Lemon can dry out your skin, so remember to rinse it out after application.



Similar to lemon, oranges contain vitamin C and citrus acid to brighten your skin.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a good ingredient for a face mask. Slice away the long side of an aloe vera leaf to get to the gel-like substance. Aloe Vera removes dead skin cells, leaving softer skin behind and has bleaching properties to lighten skin tone.

natural ingredients for skin whitening

After each application, remember to rinse out the ingredients and wear sunscreens to protect your progress and your skin from harmful sun rays.