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Man Perm – emerging trend in Asia!

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Hair perm for men have been gaining traction across Asia. Many Asian male celebrities are spotting the look. However, is this trend facing a little resistant here in Malaysia? Are Malaysian men ready to take the plunge and sit for a perm?

To answer this question, lets first look at the styles of perms and what they bring and if they are tempting enough for our Malaysian men.  

Perm styles for men

We have long moved away from tight curly perms for men of yester-years. Given, Western and even Japanese perm styles for men tend to be more obvious and waiver then styles from Korea. The styles emerging from Korea are infinitely more wearable and textured for easy styling. Some look natural, just a lift of the hair to make it look less stiff.

Hair does not have to be long for the perm. It is a cold perm process and working with different size curls and techniques gives rise to different looks. For example, a stylist could perm the hair on top and leave the sides short. If the side hairs juts out due to hair-grow direction, the stylist could perm the sides straight downwards.

Maintenance of hair after perm for men

We sat down with Ms Yumi Lee, Customer Relationship Manager of Leekaja. Leekaja is the leading hair Salon brand in Korea with over 200 salons across the world. In our conversation she outlines the following for maintenance of hair after a perm for men:

  • Perm hair still requires styling as it will not be a set look every morning. However, the perm hair makes it easier to style the hair.
  • Maintain and shape with the help of styling products.
  • It is not necessary to perm on every visit thereafter. Usually a hair cut will suffice for the next salon visit to take advantage of the existing shape of curls.
men hair style

Benefits of perm hair for men

  • Asian hair is straight and flat, perm hair provides a lift and adds volume.
  • Hair is easier to style after perm.
  • Perm hair will be more responsive to styling products.
  • Gives the impression of more dense hair with the volume.
  • By changing curls or perm certain parts differently, the stylist can help customize the look.
  • Parting perm helps the wearer defines his parting line.

Korean Perm styles – the Leekaja way


Leekaja has a unique approach to make the process of a perm at the salon an enjoyable experience.

  1. Working closely with the stylist for a style to suit the salon client’s hair, needs and lifestyle.
  2. Salon comforts – The salon offers a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere for salon clients. There is a café-like waiting area on entering the salon. The perm process takes a few hours and refreshments and drinks are a great way to pass time. There is also an option to get a manicure and a facial! The section for men resembles and is a functioning barber shop, complete with barber shop trappings such as barber chairs, a barber’s pole and the services of a barber for a shave and hair cut.
Barber tube
barber section

Hair perm for men – is it worth a try?

The obvious question is: for men who tried hair perm, are they happy with the results? It certainly is a solution for straight and flat hair, while being on-trend. It seems many of them who had tried, does come back and repeat the process. Hence, the simple answer seems to be yes! 

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