Nails shops in the Klang valley are seeing men visiting the premises mainly for manicures, some include pedicures, and rarely for colour.


manicure for men

There are many reasons for the increasing trend of men seeking manicure in the past couple of years. Mainly is the desire for their hands and nails to be presentable and have a clean look. They turn to professionals to keep their nails neatly trimmed, tidy, and well-groomed. They are conscientious that in their professional life, how their hands look as they are exposed or when they reach them out for a handshake. They consider this extra step as being polite when they come in contact with others.

Some men, it appears, visit mall nail shops as a means to pass time while waiting for their significant other to shop.



The desire to keep their nails neat, tidy and well-taken care of by professionals lead some men to include pedicure in their grooming regime. Given the tropical weather, many opt for sandals during off-work times, and their toes are exposed.

However, some choose to do this for other reasons. As many men wear who closed-toe shoes in their professional lives, ingrown toenails can sometimes pose a challenge. Regular pedicures to keep their toenails short provide a solution.

For those suffering from diabetes and find managing their toenails to be a challenge are turning to professionals to care for them and ensure that the process does not cause them to blend.

Colour – and dare we say nail art!

Purple and brown nail polish

Nail polish for men have gained somewhat of a more mainstream acceptance when American designer Marc Jacobs started a nail polish trend for men with his hashtag #male polish on Instagram back in 2016.

Celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Jared Leto have been photographed wearing them. Mainly for fun and the main-go-to colour is black. But increasingly some are experimenting with colours such as white, electric blue and dark metallic red. 

However, in Malaysia, industry people are telling us this phenomenon is very rare! An odd patron may just ask for a clear vanish to finish their manicure being the furthest extent of this for some nail shops.