Itching for a new hairstyle? Maybe you’ve gotten bored of your old hairdo. Or, you’re bold enough to step out of your comfort zone and reach for a dramatic makeover! After having to grow our hair out during the lockdown, I’m sure many of you are dying to visit a salon. Well, why not stop by Leekaja Beauty Salon? They are one of the top hair salons in Korea, and we have been graced with their presence, located in Shoppes at Four Seasons Place, Kuala Lumpur! With over 200 salons all over the world, drop by their Singapore branch as well, located at Mandarin Gallery, Orchard

We at Beauty Insider had the opportunity to collab with Leekaja and share with you a once in a lifetime experience. I ventured to their beauty salon in downtown KL to experience a little BlackPink inspired makeover! I Bet You Wanna get right into it and see what they have to offer right? So, let’s Kick It! 

The Setting


Looks can be deceiving, and let me tell you I was shocked when I arrived at Leekaja Beauty Salon. Maybe it’s the garden-themed aesthetic, but I expected a much smaller setting than what I was greeted with. Upon arriving, I was amazed at how big it actually was! Besides the main area, there is a separate room tucked in the corner that opens up to more space for hairdressing! Of course, since it is still CMCO in Kuala Lumpur, we all had our masks on. 


The interior definitely lives up to its Instagram aesthetic. The merge of industrial pipes with greenery is a Whistle worthy sight. I had my makeover in the tucked-away corner that felt like discovering a secret door. At first glance, you wouldn’t even guess that it was a part of the salon! 


Besides that, Leekaja Beauty Salon also offers mani-pedis for nail lovers. You can also see the little barista area that helps prepare your snacks and drinks on the side of their main area. Their space also expands out to waiting areas with several seats. Visiting Leekaja ensures the whole package as they even offer lash lifting, massage and facial services that’ll keep you looking Forever Young! 

The Service


I am not Playing With Fire over here when I say that their service is top-notch! Once we arrived, we were greeted with a serving of banana, cake bites and a drink of your choice. Receiving me with open arms, all the staff were extremely friendly! Angeline, my hairstylist for the day walked me through the entire process of what we did or will be doing. Answering several questions that I had at times! 

Bleaching process
bleached hair

I knew I had to bleach my hair and the process was way faster than I expected too. With two rounds of bleach, it only took the hairstylists around 3 hours to complete! Even with two people applying the bleach, they both worked super fast. Not only that, but they were super gentle as well when applying colour, bleach or even when washing. I honestly couldn’t feel anything at all even when they were considerate enough to ask if anything hurt.  

The Experience

New Friends

My overall experience here at Leekaja Beauty Salon had me wishing I could Stay longer to experience their other services! Even though the process was long and took up the whole day, I didn’t feel bored too much. That was because I had two lovely ladies that chatted with me! Both Jessica and Margaret were sweethearts and even helped with filming and pictures too! 

Leekaja colour

Not only that but since we are still under CMCO, there were a lot of precautions that we took before settling in. First, I had to wear gloves, ear covers, a robe, a towel, another protective shoulder robe and a face shield as well! Not only does this help ensure that we comply with SOP practices, but it also ensures that no product splatters onto my face. Honestly, when I took off all the layers at the end, I felt a bit cold! 

The colour choice for my makeover was a sort of dark and ashy blue, paired with bright orange hiding underneath. As I said, this was minimally inspired by BlackPink, and I wanted to achieve something similar to what Lisa had in Lovesick Girls. Instead of going for black and white, I decided to switch it up a bit! Taking some inspiration from Jisoo’s shoot for Dior. 

Leekaja full colour

After washing the colour out, it was time for the treatment process! To get my hair silky-smooth again, we did the Miracle Aqua Hair Treatment. This process really made my hair look and feel as if there wasn’t any damage before either! Part of the treatment process was getting an ice-cold straightening treatment too. Lastly, all we had to do was blow dry and style! I loved the curly locks and will be sad I won’t be able to recreate it myself! 

Leekaja Styling

While sitting in the salon, I could hear a lot of international voices in the salon as well! As popular as Leekaja is, it is definitely a global stop for anyone. There were English speaking customers and even Korean ones as well. Not only that, but Leekaja is diverse in their staff with Korean hairstylists! I heard a few phrases of Korean here and there and realised that they could communicate very well in English too! Most of their staff speak several languages too such as Mandarin and English so don’t be afraid! 

After Care

To maintain this vibrant colour is actually quite easy! Since we don’t have the professional care of the salon at home, the easiest way to do so is how often to wash your hair. Washing your hair every two days should help the colour last as long as possible. Besides just shampooing, you should also use a conditioner on coloured hair. Since it has been bleached, it is likely damaged. Conditioning it will help bring back moisture and avoid your hair becoming too dry.

Now, a lot of people wonder if washing your coloured hair with cold or hot water is good? I’ve asked about this, and it doesn’t really matter! If you can take the cold, go ahead! A tip from Angeline is to shampoo the scalp and condition the rest of your hair. To not dry out your hair too much, try to avoid heat styling or using high heat to blow dry your hair. Make sure you comb your hair so it doesn’t get all tangled up! After that, you can definitely add more aftercare if you want to. For example a hair mask or hair nourishing product. 

See U Later


So, How You Like That? With a team of professionals in every service they offer, Leekaja Beauty Salon is an outstanding place to get your hair, nails or facial done! Great customer service will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience and can be comfortable while you are there. In such a calming ambience, you can’t help but relax too! Don’t worry if you Don’t Know What To Do, just have a chat with your stylist and you can figure out together what you want to achieve.

Lastly, did you catch all the BlackPink hints hidden throughout this article? If you did, follow and let us know on our Instagram! Be sure to check out our Beauty Insider X Leekaja IGTV Makeover as well! What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Leekaja Beauty Salon now!

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