Let’s get straight to the point: As mentioned in our previous article, combination skin can usually be determined by a blend of oily and dry patches on your face. That is why treatments that work on dry areas may not be completely suitable on oily regions of your face, and vice versa. As a result, it can be very difficult to find cleansers that actually work for both—hydrating the dry areas while also retaining the oily areas.

We know there’s a lot of rumours spread around by beauty influencers talking about using two separate products to treat people with combination skin. But really, who has time for all that? That’s just them promoting their stuff, when in reality dermatologists have already listed down some of the best gel cleansers that cater for people that suffer with this specific skin type. 

See, isn’t that wonderful news? Beauty Insider helps to hunt down some of the best gel cleansers for combination skin, as suggested by a dermatologist. 

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How To Tell If You Have Combination Skin

I would like to remind you that the state of your skin never stays exactly the same. Think of hormonal changes, the environment you’re exposed to, the changes of weather, your medication intakes, so on and so forth. So no matter what skin types you have, it may change throughout the time—depending on those various factors. And since combination skin is the most common skin type, it makes it easier for experts to detect some definitive signs. 

One of the obvious signs is that your T-zone area (starting from the breadth of your forehead, around your nose and all the way towards your chin) tends to get oily throughout the day, especially at noon. Whereas the rest of your skin feels dry. Also, pay attention to your skin during menstrual cycle. During this time of the month, the levels of Androgen—also known as masculine hormones—are higher than your other femminine hormones. Which leads to clogged pores, and thus, you’ll suffer more oily and breakouts compared to other days. But best believe once your period is over, the breakout will dilute on its own.

How To Find The Best Gel Cleanser For Combination Skin? 

Speaking of gel cleansers for combination skin, dermatologists and skin experts recommended opting for ones with a light foam base. A mild, gentle exfoliant that is superb in combat oiliness, and contains hydrating elements like hyaluronic acid or ceramides. It’s okay to to go through a lot of trials and errors until you find the most suitable one. Because as we mentioned above, a treatment that works for dry areas doesn’t mean it suits the oily residue. Thus, we listed out some brands below that may help you find the best one. 

Best Gel Cleansers In Malaysia

1.  Garden of EDEN Rosa T Mild Gel Cleanser

Rosa T Mild Cleanser is kind on the face yet works for acne. It is designed for deep cleansing by eliminating dirt and pollutants from the skin without drying it out. It employs plant-based washing ingredients that leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Rosa T Mild Cleanser contains witch hazel and aloe vera extract, which help reduce oil and relieve irritation while leaving the skin hydrated and rejuvenated. 

Why We Love It 

  • SLS and paraben-free
  • Helps with oil control and soothes irritation
  • Contain high grade Aloe vera extract

Price: RM 17.50

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2. CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser

A gentle foam-based cleanser, according to experts, can work wonders for combination skin since the viscosity of foam efficiently removes excess oil without damaging the face. This CeraVe cleanser is the top choice for combination skin peeps. It feels like a cream and lathers into a moisturising foam, efficiently cleansing the skin without leaving it tight or dry. 

Why We Love It 

  • Contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids
  • Aid in the maintenance of the skin’s natural barrier
  • Locks in moisture

Price: Starts from RM 66.81

Where To Buy: Zalora

3. Cetaphil PRO Foaming Face Wash

This Cetaphil PRO Foaming Face Wash is no doubt a top choice. It provides a creamy foam that soaks off fast on your face. It’s a mild cleanser that won’t bother sensitive skin while also cleaning debris, dirt, makeup leftover and oil from your face after a long day. It’s filled with treatment and a nutrient compound—two powerful components that offer hydration and general stability to your skin, so you don’t have to suffer from inflammation overnight. 

Why We Love It 

  • Effectively lessen excess oil
  • A hydrating foam, effectively cleaning the skin
  • Wallet-friendly, affordable

Price: Starts from RM 53.55

Where To Buy: Watsons

4. LANEIGE Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser

Laneige face cleanser gently exfoliates, purifies and removes impurities from the skin, leaving your skin feeling much smoother, cleaner and brighter. This cleanser exfoliates and wipes off makeup leftovers, clogged pores, and fine dust while also cleaning those stubborn dead skin cells which are trapped underneath the skin. It is blended with papain enzyme, blueberry extract, and viscose particles that flow smoothly on the palm.

Why We Love It 

  • Deeply exfoliates and removes impurities
  • Formulated with papain enzyme and blueberry extract 
  • Suitable for all ages

Price: RM 36.00

Where To Buy: Sephora

5. meeth Morerich Smoothcleans

Achieve perfect cleansing without overly scrubbing your skin with Morerich Smoothcleans. This innovative water gel-based facial cleanser, with its delightful, silky-smooth texture, is packed with naturally-derived cleansing ingredients that are gentle and kind on the skin. Powered by the natural goodness of Saccharide Isomerate, it draws impurities from deep within and leaving your skin clear and hydrated.

Why We Love It 

  • Formulated to help eliminate makeup and dirt without having to overly scrub
  • Lightweight and silky-smooth texture
  • Purify and helps to shrink the appearance of pores

Price: RM 180.00 

Where To Buy: meeth

6. DR. DENNIS GROSS Hyaluronic Marine Meltaway Cleanser

This soothing, lightweight and oil-free cleanser helps eliminate waterproof makeup, grease, and dirt entirely without damaging the skin coating. This cleanser also contains hyaluronic acid, sea grapes, kiwi, and aloe known to dissolve pollutants and even tenacious, waterproof eye makeup, all while calming the skin and reducing fluid loss. It’s portable, so you can have a cleansed, fresh skin anytime, anywhere. 

Why We Love It 

  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Oil-Free
  • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin
  • Hydrating, lightweight formula

Price: Starts with RM 60.00 

Where To Buy: Sephora

7. CLINIQUE All About Clean™ Liquid Facial Soap

All About Clean from Clinique is a watery face soap that has all the approval of Clinique’s official dermatologically department. This face soap washes without removing natural layers, making it a perfect skin ready for the abrasive action of Clarifying Lotion. Sucrose soothes and calms your skin, while Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin deliver a delicate refreshing wash. One small pump is all you need with this cleanser. 

Why We Love It 

  • Suitable for dry combination skin.
  • Cleanses without drying the skin.
  • Free of parabens, phthalates and fragrance.

Price: Starts with RM 38.00

Where To Buy: Sephora

8. Neutrogena Deep Clean Foam Cleanser

If you’re looking for an affordable cleanser, Neutrogena ought to be on your radar. Not only is this cleanser affordable, but it also achieves a lot for something that comes in at such a minimal price.  The cleanser eliminates debris, oil, and blackheads while controlling oil and maintaining hydration. This cleanser has a creamy consistency and one small pump can deliver such a difference.

Why We Love It 

  • Wallet-friendly, affordable
  •  Has a creamy consistency
  • Gentle and light texture

Price: Starts with RM 20.90

Where To Buy: Watsons

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