In a dedicated effort to combat the relentless issues of dehydration and skin sensitivity, Cetaphil, Malaysia’s pre-eminent dermatological skincare brand, is proud to present the latest addition to its Optimal Hydration line-up: the Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Skin Replenishing Water Gel.

A Leap Towards Hydration

This weightless water gel marks a watershed moment in skincare, offering immediate and uninterrupted 72-hour moisture for individuals with dry and dehydrated skin.

Cindy Tiu, country manager for Galderma Malaysia, commented, “Our research earlier this year uncovered the intrinsic connection between dehydration and skin sensitivity. Dehydration weakens the skin’s moisture barrier, rendering it more susceptible to sensitivity and irritation.”

She added, “The all-new Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Skin Replenishing Water Gel goes beyond mere hydration; it is meticulously designed to bolster the skin’s resilience while simultaneously soothing and elevating the overall quality of sensitive skin.”

Redefining Hydration

Cetaphil’s Optimal Hydration range is fortified by the unique HydroSensitiv™ Complex, a potent blend of Aquaxyl, Glycerol, and Soothing Blue Daisy, meticulously crafted to boost the skin’s water content.

Introducing the Optimal Hydration Skin Replenishing Water Gel, which harnesses the power of slow-release technology infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Polyglutamic Acid. This innovation delivers sustained hydration, leaving the skin plump and irresistibly smooth.

Reviving Your Skin

This ultra-lightweight and cooling water gel provides instant relief for dehydrated, sensitive skin. 

Clinically proven to bolster the skin’s moisture barrier for up to 24 hours, it also works wonders by alleviating the five signs of skin sensitivity – irritation, sensitivity, dullness, tightness, and roughness – in just seven days of use.

Gentle Yet Potent

Furthermore, this water gel is a gentle giant, soothing and replenishing dehydrated, irritated skin while being completely free of oil, fragrances, and dyes. 

Its gel formulation ensures swift absorption, providing a refreshing sensation and unparalleled efficacy. Clinical trials have conclusively shown that after just one month of twice-daily use, the skin becomes noticeably smoother and more refined.

A Holistic Hydration Solution

The Cetaphil Optimal Hydration range now offers a comprehensive solution for overall skin health. 

Alongside the Optimal Hydration Skin Replenishing Water Gel, the range includes the Optimal Hydration 48-Hour Activation Serum, the Optimal Hydration Healthy Glow Daily Cream, and the Optimal Hydration Refreshing Eye Serum. 

Collectively, these products guarantee 72 hours of enduring hydration, skin moisture replenishment, sensitivity soothing, and  natural skin barrier preservation.

Where to Find It

The Cetaphil Optimal Hydration range, including the groundbreaking Optimal Hydration Skin Replenishing Water Gel, is now available at all leading pharmacies nationwide, including Watsons and Guardian, as well as Cetaphil’s official online stores.

Exclusive Offer

Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain a complimentary sample of the Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Skin Replenishing Water Gel and enjoy exclusive bonuses with your purchase at the Cetaphil Hydration Skin Bar! This offer is valid from now until November at selected Watsons and Guardian stores within shopping malls.

For more information and to explore this transformative skincare range, please visit here.

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