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Our bodies are often exposed to toxins found in our daily surroundings—things including air, tapwater, fast foods, pesticides, personal hygiene products, household products—the list goes on. 

And though our bodies are naturally conditioned to eliminate hoarded toxins through organs such as the kidneys and liver, (which flush these out through bodily fluids and excretions), there is still the possibility of extra toxins that are trapped inside our organs. And when our natural detoxification system is unable to deal with an overload of toxins, this when it renders us sick, bloated and overweight. 

Once you start to encounter frequent headaches, sleepiness, sluggishness, mood instability and bloating, take this as the signs that you need to undergo body detox ASAP. So our suggestion? Consume detox drinks to keep your bowel movements regular! 

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What Are Detox Drinks? 

Detox water is simply drinking water mixed with healthful nutrients such as berries, lemongrass, ginger, and numerous others to produce a combination that energises you, assists in weight reduction, and lowers both physical and cognitive weariness. It helps not just your mood but also your digestive health and metabolic activity, among other things. 

Berries, grapefruits, and apples, as well as their peels, pulp, and fibre, include ingredients that blitz flab and fight off illnesses in a pleasant way. So, if you want to lose weight quickly, consider an all-natural detox drink that will help reduce bloating and enhance your immunity.

Best Detox Drinks in Malaysia

1. Dkenko Aqua Detox Botanical Beverage

Dkenko is a Japan formulated botanical detox drink that focuses specifically on detoxification, skin nourishing, health maintenance and slimming. This refreshing mango mixed avocado flavours detox juice with patented technology contains more than 70+ types of marine minerals and extremely high seaweed calcium content that will definitely help you with eliminating toxins, prevents constipation, and reduces visceral fat. 

Most importantly this product will absorb heavy metals from the body and release metals by defecation. Suitable to be taken as probiotics. 

Price: RM 178 per box / 21 sachets

Where to buy: Official Instagram & DREVE Global Facebook

2. Sendayu Tinggi Natural Dtox

This detox from Sendayu Tinggi efficiently assists in weight loss and the removal of toxins from the body, therefore strengthening the body’s defence system. Blended with lemon, alfalfa extract and Licorice root to fully reduce body fat, it also has a lot of fibre, which can help decrease cholesterol levels in the body. The concentration of alfalfa benefits the digestive system as well as the urinary coffers. It is also advised for people who have constipation issues.

Price: RM 76.00

Where to buy: Sendayu Tinggi

3. Fruity Juicy Detox Natural Slimming Drink

This fruity juicy detox delivers an excellent detoxification assistance to the complete body by stimulating a more holistic interior cleansing process. The product contains no added sugar, artificial colouring, or preservatives, guaranteeing that all organs receive sufficient support to withstand the quantity of toxins flowing into the body. 

It comprises a special combination of only high-quality fruits and plant extracts blended in the precise quantities necessary for optimal bodily cleansing. Suitable for everyday use. 

Price: RM 280.00 (Combo pax)

Where to buy: Shopee

4. Lazior Lemonet Fiber Dietary Detox

Approved by KKM and is a certified halal product, this detox aids in the relief of constipation, improvement of satiety, and the inclusion of dietary fibre. This detox drink is entirely composed of vegetable elements that aid in fat dissolution, blood pressure regulation, and the prevention of stroke. 

Developed to motivate the body to cleanse itself, aiding the liver, kidneys, and colon in their work, and aiding in the breakdown of toxins by detoxing your body. 

Price: Starts from RM 68.00

Where to buy: Shopee, Lazada

5. TruDtox ThermoG Detox & Slimming Tea 

TruDtox ThermoG has a thermogenic effect and is precisely created to help you detox and lose belly fat. And as for this detox drink, green tea is used as their primary ingredient. Green tea has been shown in studies to boost thermogenesis activity, energy expenditure, and fat reduction in the body. When combined with a reasonable diet and exercise regimen, it can assist expedite your weight loss. 

Price: – 

Where to buy: Facebook

6. Nano Detox & Cleanse

Nano Detox is a potent mix that gives the maximum number of natural plant food enzymes to combat difficult-to-breakdown toxic toxins that clutter up your lymphatic system, causing fatigue and fat. This detox promotes food digestion and faster cleansing, which aids in weight reduction. It aids in weight loss by decomposing calories and toxic poisons that have collected within the body. 

Price: Starts from RM 109.90

Where to buy: Nano Japan Shop, Shopee

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