The 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Foot Massage That Will Make You Visit These Refloxogy Spas Right Now.

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Getting a foot massage every now and then can really help you to relax, especially after a long day of walking around in heels where our feet tend to swell up. This is when a good foot massage comes in handy. It helps us to relax and rejuvenate ourselves.

You may ask, does it really have any benefits other than making us feel a bit more relaxed and relieving some of the pain? Certainly, yes. In fact, foot massage brings so many great benefits to our health than you would not even have imagined.

There are many different types of foot massage techniques where each promise helps in promoting physical as well as mental health. Traditional therapeutic techniques focus on relaxing the muscles and joints whereas acupressure technique focuses on improving general health and energy flow by acting upon specific pressure points.

Aromatherapy therapy uses scented oils and relaxing music to add an additional element of relaxation by acting upon multiple senses. Last but not least, reflexology seeks to improve internal organ function by massaging specific areas of the foot.

There are many benefits of foot massage include releasing endorphins, lowering heart rate, lowering blood pressure, improving balance, and assisting with mental health problems but these benefits are associated with any type of massage. There are certain health benefits that are unique to a foot massage.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits of foot massage that are supported by actual scientific research and the psycho-social aspect of getting a foot massage. We have also included some of the best reflexology centres around Kuala Lumpur for the best experience.

1. Foot Massage Reduces Nausea and Vomiting.

Nausea and vomiting are the general results from an upset stomach after an insane night out. People often suffer from nausea and vomiting because of the activation of specific mechanisms of the vagus nerve.

For example, when the vagus nerve in our inner ear is activated, you will experience motion sickness, or activating of dopamine receptors which lead to stress.

When the vagus nerve in the stomach is activated will lead to nausea and vomiting. Cancer patients experience vomiting and nausea as a result of dehydration and ion imbalance. A foot massage can help combat and control these symptoms, in turn leading to a better quality of life for those who experience these symptoms.

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2. Foot Massage Improves Sex Life.

This may be shocking but foot massage can really spice things you in your love life. Massaging each other’s feet can enhance intimacy and prepares you both for exhilarating lovemaking.

It can help stimulate areas on the feet that creates pleasure sensations that can turn the sexual desire on your partner. The feet are a great starting point because they can cause mild arousal and offer an easy transition to more powerful erogenous zones like the back of the knees and inner thighs.

A foot massage would also help after the party as it will help your partner relax and rejuvenate. After-play is equally important as foreplay. Rather than end it with a kiss, foot massage can help you stay physically and emotionally connected for continued bonding post-intercourse.

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3. Foot Massage Cures Insomnia.

Insomnia is a condition related to the difficulty to fall asleep or staying asleep. The brain is often the root cause for insomnia and some of the causes include over usage of caffeine, nicotine, stress, depression, and pain.

A foot massage can help prevent and resolve all the problems of not being able to sleep in the first place. A good foot massage can reduce stress, depression, pain, including joint and muscle pain. When these issues are taken care of, you’re more likely to sleep.

Apart from that, foot massage can also provide you with a sense of calm and peace, both things which prompt sleep. There were many studies carried on, where insomnia patients were given foot massages, and it did improve their sleep quality. 

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4. Foot Massage Regulates Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure can put you in a major risk of cardiovascular disease like a heart attack! This is because higher blood pressure will make the heart work harder, resulting in increased stress and strain of the cardiovascular muscle.

That is why we need to keep our blood pressure under control. A foot massage can help the lymphatic and circulatory systems, in keeping the blood pressure at a normal level. Evidence for this can be seen in a study on foot massages’ effect in the Japanese community.

This study showed a significant decrease in blood pressure and anxiety levels among the people. Therefore, we can say a foot massage help control blood pressure and thus decrease the risk of heart disease.

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5. Foot Massage Reduces Period Pain. 

Period pains can really ruin one’s day. It is not fun at all to spend the day moaning in agony, missing out on all the fun stuff because you’ve got cramps and are bloated.

The most common symptoms suffered during periods is stomach cramps, back cramps headaches and mood swings. Most of these symptoms can be alleviated with a restful foot massage. Working on the nerves, foot massage can even address the source of pain which can immediately have an effect on the pain.

Plus, foot massage also gives you a sense of assurance that there is someone to ease off the pain for you. By tackling both physical and mental pain, foot massage is able to effectively address multiple sources of pain.

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6. Foot Massage Reduces Migraines and Headaches.

Headaches and migraines occur for many reasons including stress, tiredness and illness. This is where a foot massage can be of assistance.

We’ve already looked at how foot massage can help manage some of the above causes like stress and insomnia so by treating these causes, foot massage is helping to prevent episodes from occurring in the first place.

Studies also found that foot massages can decrease gravity and length of headaches and migraines. So, not just does foot massage provides relief to the sufferer, but also prevents it from happening in the first place.

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7. Foot Massage Reduces Swelling in Pregnant Women.

Swollen feet is very common among pregnant women, especially in the last trimester. The swelling happens due to fluid retention in the feet and ankles. 

A regular foot massage can help combat this condition. Try massaging your feet for about 10-20 minutes daily. It can really help you relieve from the pain and also act as a great calming therapy for the body.

Apart from reducing swollen feet, foot massages are beneficial for pregnant women during labour. It will help bear the pain and act as a painkiller during labour as well as postpartum recovery time.

Studies have shown that reflexology-based foot massages can help a woman’s body to heal faster and achieve normal metabolic activity sooner.

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8. Foot Massage Prevents Foot and Ankle Injuries.

Physiotherapist often advises those suffering from joint pain and injuries to get a foot massage this is because massage can help reduce muscle soreness and boost a speedy recovery after an injury.

Apart from helping to recover, foot massage can prevent the injury from happening in the first place. When foot massage is combined with leg strengthening exercises and it can prevent future injuries because you are stretching and strengthening your muscles.

A short foot massage for 3-5 week will minimize the risk of injury. This is beneficial especially for athletes where injuries are inevitable but with a strengthened and flexible ankle and foot, you can avoid unpleasant injuries.

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9. Foot Massage Regulates Blood Circulation.

We are just tied to our office chairs, cars and sofas hence we don’t use our feet muscles as often as we should and thus impeding good blood flow. Shoes­, especially high heels hinder circulation but just a short 10 minutes foot massage can help transport oxygen to the body’s cells, which is essential for overall healthy blood flow.

Plus, massaging the body tissues can help to stimulate the blood flow to other parts of the body. That is why regular foot massages can be especially beneficial to those suffering from diabetes. Improved circulation to the feet can increase the life of the limb and improve overall sensation.

For those who simply suffer from cold feet, a foot massage is a great way to warm up on a chilly day without having to resort to wearing three pairs of socks.

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10.  Foot Massage Increase Pain Tolerance. 

Pain often has many different causes ranging from the psychological, neural, to purely physical. What we constitute as pain often combines one or more of these elements, making it a difficult condition to treat.

Plus, pain is also highly subjective because what one person sees as painful might not be painful to another person. So how does foot massage cure pain? Well, foot massage can have both physical effects and psychological effects.

Firstly it reduces stress levels so act as relief from psychological pain. Secondly, deep tissue massage that focuses on the joints, can provide immediate relief from physical pain.

So, combining a benefit for overall wellbeing, foot massage is able to effectively address multiple sources of pain.

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