Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia has recently launched a new health supplement, the Herbalife Collagen Plus Powder which aims to give to you healthier skin. Below, Beauty Insider Malaysia has gathered all the juices on the latest addition to its fitness shelf!

Who is Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia?

Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia a premier global nutrition company that offer a wide range of nutrition products that fit a variety of needs and lifestyles of consumers. The Herbalife Collagen Plus Powder is, in fact, their first supplement that focuses on the largest organ and visible feature of our body, skin to everyone! With this latest addition to their health supplement range, men and women of all ages can have healthier skin.

What is Collagen and Why Are They Important?

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies which can be found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive systems and tendons. It helps give our skin the strength and elasticity, which not only makes us look younger but also helps in maintaining healthy skin. However, as the ageing process sets in, our bodies’ collagen production naturally begins to slow down.

In addition to ageing, there are numerous other factors that could affect the skin. Malaysia, being a tropical country, has a strong and high amount of sunlight which further contributes to the decline of collagen production and speeds up the ageing process. Additionally, other lifestyle factors such as a high-sugar diet and smoking may also further impact the reduction of collagen levels.

What Are The Benefits of Herbalife Collagen Plus Powder?

Herbalife Collagen Plus Powder contains fish hydrolyzed collagen as the main ingredient, which is made from low molecular collagen peptide. This health supplement is ideal for those who want to boost and optimize collagen production, as well as support healthy skin. With added ingredients such as CoQ10, vitamins C, B2, B3, B6, Biotin, Zinc and Copper, it may further support the development of collagen and formation of antioxidants in our bodies, as well as provides the additional nutrients essential to healthy skin and hair.

Where to Buy the Herbalife Collagen Plus Powder?

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The Collagen Plus Powder is only available through Herbalife Nutrition independent members.

For more information, please visit IAmHerbalifeNutrition.com.