AirAsia Cabin Crews Spill Their Beauty Tips And Ultimate Secrets To Fly Fashionably!

By: Balqis Ariffin / October 22, 2021
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Flawless, glamorous and gorgeous, these are the things that pop into our mind whenever we see the AirAsia cabin crew pass by. As a beauty junkie, I’m always on a quest to find the ultimate tips and tricks of makeup. Well, it also includes knowing the hacks that the flight attendants swear by too! I’m sure I’m not alone in this. If we were to think, they need to look presentable and it includes having makeup on point every time. Like how do they even do it? Is it even possible? Indeed, it is Beauties! 

While we regular people look kinda worst during the in-flight, it makes us wonder the secret to their long-lasting makeup and hairdo. If you have been so curious about the AirAsia cabins crew beauty tips, we’re here for you! Beauty Insider managed to have a one-on-one talk with three AirAsia cabin crew members, Anatasha Diana, Eva Vivian and Mohd Suhairi. We definitely obtained the internal insight on how to make the makeup last longer, plus they even rebuke some false claims! 


The AirAsia Cabin Crews Daily Beauty Routine 

From left to right: Eva Vivian, Anatasha Diana and Mohd Suhairi

Have you ever wondered about their daily routine? Count us in! During the interview, they all simultaneously agreed that their beauty routine changes depending on the hours of flight. With prolonged exposure to the air conditioning environment, skin issues like acne and dry patches are inevitable.

What would you say is the most challenging part about your beauty routine?

Ana: For me, the hardest part is waking up in the morning. We might feel sleepy and have to get ready for the flight, so that’s the hardest part when doing makeup.

Eva: I think one of the most challenging parts is consistency. Sometimes we feel good most days. We also have those days where we don’t feel like doing our makeup or skincare routine. 

Suhairi: For guys, it’s quite simple,  our hair is already cut short and we are just required to look presentable all day. Some male colleagues do apply makeup, but I personally don’t put them on. But if I do have a breakout on that day, it can be quite challenging as I need to cover up the blemishes. 

Do you do anything different with your beauty routine for long flights and short flights such as a different type of foundation, or hair product that will make your hair and makeup last longer? 

Ana: My beauty routine is the same except that I prefer to curl my hair instead of doing French twists during a long flight. But the hair might come out really easily so what I would do is spritz some Aromatic Hair Spray to make the curls last longer.

Eva: I don’t do much differently but if it’s a long flight sometimes your hair gets flat easily. So I usually bring my dry shampoo just to puff it up a little bit. For foundation, it depends on the condition of my skin on the day. If I feel that my skin is quite dry, I’ll apply a lot of moisturizer and if it’s a little bit on an oily side on that day I would use a matte foundation.

Suhairi: Personally, I don’t have any specific beauty routine for long or short flights. Basically, I would use the same product like moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated all day long. I also use wax and hairspray to maintain the hair shape.

How quickly do you go through all your makeup products and have any of you forgotten your makeup bag for a flight? 

Eva: A bottle of foundation could last me a year and even an eyeshadow palette could last one year and a half. For the other part, like forgetting a makeup bag, definitely!

Ana: It’s normal but we do keep mini beauty products in our bag. So if we forget our makeup bag we have spare products in there. 

Due to long flights, and the possibility of being over-exposed to air conditioning, have you ever faced severe skin problems?

Eva: Yes, we do break out because of the condition we’re working in. But it also depends on the hormone fluctuations too. So, it’s not just necessarily the dry and the excessive air conditioning. 

What is one thing that you have learned about skincare, that you wished you knew sooner, as someone who travels a lot?

Ana: There is one thing which I’m really thankful for is the Laneige sleeping mask.  I love it so much and it’s so good for dry skin. Well, I use this product to treat dryness and acne. It helps to moisturize my skin, especially under the air conditioning environment. It is one of the products that I really love. I wish I knew about it earlier.

Eva: Wear sunscreen all the time and reapply it throughout the day. I love using stick sunscreen and that’s what the makeup bag is for.

Suhairi: Previously, I suffered from breakouts because I was not using any skincare products when I’m working. Actually, it happened because my skin was dry. Since then I remind myself to always apply moisturizer and serum before going on the flight. I also use the Laneige sleeping mask whenever I can. 

Grooming Guidelines As AirAsia Cabin Crew

From left to right: Eva Vivian, Anatasha Diana and Mohd Suhairi

As a flight attendant, there are stipulated guidelines that the cabin crew must adhere to and it includes the grooming aspects. We also sneaked in a question that we heard before about the real reason that they wear bright lipstick. Spoiler alert, it’s not true!

We heard before that the real reason why flight attendants wear bright lipstick is to make it easier for the passengers to read their lips during an emergency. Is it true?

Ana: Well, it’s not about the bright lipstick. For instance, if we’re in an emergency the cabin is so dark that you can’t even see the lipstick. Actually, it all depends on your voice. So it’s not true. 

Eva: I wish it’s true, but it’s not. We can’t even see the red uniform. 

Suhairi: I don’t have an answer for that. 

Do you guys have a guideline for how to do your makeup and hair or do you have freedom on how you would do your own?

Ana: We definitely have guidelines, it’s the grooming handbook. So we refer to that anytime. 

Eva: What I would say is that AirAsia is a little bit lenient as we can let our hair down and we don’t have to do French twists every day for work. But we do have our own guidelines. 

Do they outline the particular colour of eyeshadows and shade that you need to use? Are there any specific rules in the handbook? 

Ana: We have to use like 2 or 3 shades of eyeshadows and we need to blend it well. Then our makeup should be balanced, you can’t be wearing bright eyeshadow with bright lipstick. So, we have to balance it well.

Eva: Yes, it’s true.

Is it the same for male cabin crew? Are there any particular standardized hairstyles that you need to follow?

Suhairi: For guys, the hair must look neat and tidy. The hair colour must not be so bright. 

The AirAsia Cabin Crews Spills Their Tips and Tricks 

Alas! The wait is over! Do you want to know the secret to their flawless makeup and skin? Well, it requires setting spray and hair spray. In fact, acne is also a common skin issue that they experience, but it’s all merely depending on the way they cover it up and treat it. Behold, because we’re dropping some major secrets!

What are the most essential skincare products you always carry on every flight?

Ana: Personally, I always make sure that I bring the Laneige sleeping mask every time I’m working.  

Eva: For me, it’s sunscreen, lipstick and mascara. 

Suhairi: As a male cabin crew, I think cleanser and moisturizer should be enough.

What moisturizer do you use?

Eva: Currently I really love the  Neutrogena Hydro Boost. But it depends on my skin condition. Sometimes there are days when my skin is really sensitive, so I use Cetaphil. 

Ana: Actually I have sensitive skin so that’s why I use the Laneige sleeping mask. I don’t use any moisturizer. So basically for the makeup base, I would only apply plain powder. At first, it was hard because I don’t know which products suits my skin well. But once you’ve tried everything, you can get the hang of it. I know which products work well with my skin, so I just stick to them. It’s quite unfortunate that I couldn’t try other makeup products, but it’s okay. 

Suhairi: The Laneige sleeping mask is also my go-to product. I use the serum and moisturizer from Innisfree. My skin condition mainly depends on my food intake. If I eat too much greasy food,  my skin tends to be oilier than usual. 

All of us have a bad skin day, so how do you guys cover up acne or blemish? Any tips to share with our readers?

Ana: I guess I can say this on behalf of everyone, we usually use acne patches. Personally, I would cover it up with concealer. I make sure to use the right shade that suits my skin tone so that no one can see the acne or blemishes. One pro tip is that, whenever we have pimples or blemishes, remember not to touch them. It can worsen the acne since our hands might be dirty. Plus, drink plenty of water too.

Eva: The way I do it is by using foundation. There’s a lot of foundations that feature buildable formulas but make sure that it is not too cakey. Just dab a little bit of concealer to cover it up and see how it goes. Hope for the best that no one will see your acne.

Suhairi: The guys also use acne patches to cover up the blemishes whenever we have one. 

What we noticed the most is that the cabin crew has flawless makeup and hairdo that lasts for hours, are there any particular tricks or products that you use?

Ana: I use the makeup setting spray from Dyxy and for hair, I opt for hairspray whenever I style my hair with curls. 

Eva: For face, I’d say the makeup setting spray from Urban Decay. I also use dry shampoo whenever I’m working. 

Suhairi: I prefer to use hair wax and also hairspray from Bed Head Masterpiece which is available on the AirAsia Beauty online site.

What are the tips and tricks that you learned when it comes to ”quick” makeup application as a cabin crew? Say, you have exactly 20 mins to get ready, how do you manage to look presentable? 

Ana: I would go for BB cream as my makeup base, that’s the easiest. Then mascara, blusher and lipstick. If you don’t have any eyeshadow, you can put on a bright lipstick. Most importantly, the colours that pop. If you don’t have time to curl your hair,  just do a French twist.

Eva: This is my trick, sometimes you cannot put on a blendable foundation so I would use a tinted moisturizer instead. If you don’t have the time to do your eyeshadow, simply apply a  lot of mascara or even fake eyelashes. Finish it off with some blusher and you’re done. 

Suhairi: Personally, 20 minutes should not be a problem for me since I like to keep my hair short and tidy. I make sure to trim my hair every now and then.

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