Looking for some good Korean makeup products in Malaysia to re-create your favourite K-Pop star’s look? Then it is the right time to turn that Korean beauty dream of yours into a reality. With the Korean influence getting only bigger in Malaysia, the number of Korean makeup brands in Malaysia are also evolving.

Some of the staple makeup products you need to create a K-Pop star look are bright lipstick, super pink blushes, and sparkly eyeshadows. If you are keen on achieving the glass-like finish of your favourite K-pop stars, then these Korean beauty products are what you need.

Best Korean Products in Malaysia

1. TOCOBO Lip Balm Collection

The TOCOBO Lip Balm Collection, comes with a strong five-star rating, is one of the best-tinted lip balms filled with lip-boosting ingredients. This tinted lip balm is a very moisturising lip product that provides a moisturising layer while exfoliating dead skin cells on dry, chapped lips. With its versatility and stunning shades, you may bid farewell to standard lip balms forever. Keep your pout smooth TOCOBO’s Lip Balm, which features eight colours: Coral Water, Flush Cherry, Better Pink, Tangerine Red, Rose Burn, Rose Petal, Carrot Cake, and Nourishing Vitamins.

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2. Laneige Water Glow Gel Foundation

This water-based foundation by Laneige can give your skin up to 70% of moisture. In fact, it’s the first choice in ITZY’s Yuna makeup kit tbh ours too! With broad protection of SPF 41, it’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin! Plus, it comes in five shades from light to dark hence it is suitable women all skin! Though the coverage is pretty light, you can layer it for a thick matte dewy mix finish. 

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3. The Face Shop Ink Graffi Liquid Liner

All the girls from the Red Velvet group use this liquid liner this Face Shop liquid liner for precise shape as well as to add more definition to eyes with a single stroke. Also, the brush of the liner is pretty elastic so go creative and crazy with the looks. Just remember to give it at least 30 seconds to let lines set and dry completely. The liners are available in two shades black and brown.  Both are highly pigmented and won’t smudge easily.

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4. Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Facial Mask

The Dr.Jart + Ceramidin Facial Mask is one of the most sought after facial masks in Seoul. Lucky for you, this mask is now available here! It is known to provide care with the skin with deep hydration as the mask that contains Ceramide 3 and 5 kinds Hyaluronic acid for immediate soothing and recovery of dry and sensitive skin. Yes, this mask is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it gently wraps your skin with moisturising ingredients without irritation. Just leave the mask on for 15-30 minutes and see the change for yourself. 

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5. Innisfree No Sebum Correcting Cushion SPF34/PA

In case you’re wondering a correcting cushion will give you a radiant and soft finish. The Innisfree correcting cushion provides sebum-control and SPF protection! Isn’t that fantastic, no wonder many K-Pop celebrities love this! It comes in three different tones which are peach, purple and green. Each tone has its own sets of benefits like green can neutralise the redness of the skin and such! Just apply as many puffs as you want over your finished makeup for a luminous glow.

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6. 3CE Lip Color Lipstick

Available in a whopping 25 shades, the 3CE Lip Color Lipstick is a must-have! 3CE is, in fact, is the biggest lipstick brand in Seoul. We bet you can find at least one of its lipstick in any Kpop star bag. This Lip colour collection especially is highly pigmented and will stay put on the lips for the whole day. Plus, it will also saturate the lips with the creamy matte finish with just one coat. However, it can dry out your lips so be sure to use a lip balm before applying the lipstick.

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7. Banila Co. Cheer Water Cheek

This Banila Co. Cheer Water Cheek blush is not just low in price but also available in six different shades. Each shade will smoothly glide on the cheek to give a luminous and lively look. They’re packed with hydrating oil as so it won’t dry the skin instead creates a beautiful and lovely look. Plus, thanks to its thick pigmentation formula you can also use this blush as a primer to cover large pores and uneven skin tones. For the best finish, make sure to shake the bottle before using. Then, just take 1-2 drops and apply on the cheek with fingers rather a brush. 

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8. Saturday Skin Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream

Saturday Skin’s daily moisturiser is a lightweight moisturising cream that can help strengthen your skin vitality. It can also provide the skin with ample hydration so your skin stays hydrated throughout the day. This is one of the best moisturisers for Malaysia weather as it can increase the skin’s suppleness with nutritious fruit extracts. Plus, it can also improve your skin’s texture and tone while fighting against all seven signs of early ageing. You can layer your makeup over it too!

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9. Sulwhasoo Makeup Balancer SPF34 PA++

Makeup balancer is a makeup product that almost all K-Pop stars use. That’s because it can help balance out the skin’s texture and tone. Plus, it’ll also give the skin a brighter and glowing finish. The Sulwhasoo Makeup Balancer comes in three different shades where each shade has its own set of benefits. So, make sure to pick the right one for your complexion. You should use this makeup balancer as a primer to prep your skin for makeup. Don’t apply too much, just apply a small appropriate amount thinly over your face will give the best finish.

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10. Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara

One of the best selling mascara in Malaysia, this Etude House mascara can do wonders for your lashes! It can give the lashes a nice and thick curl for up to 24 hours. This mascara is actually the secret behind Im Yoona from Girl Generation long lashes. The brush of the mascara has a ‘C’ shape to it which makes it easy to reach even those hard to reach areas like the corners of the eyes. Plus, it is also waterproof and smudge-proof so lashes will be lookin’ fire all day long!

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11. Huxley Sun Cream; Stay Sun Safe SPF50+/PA++++ 

Looking for a good sunscreen that will keep your skin safe from the scorching heat? Well, this Huxley sun cream can do just that. It can protect your skin from damaging UV rays while pumping the skin with moisturising and anti-oxidising ingredients. The sunscreen is really gentle and made using all-natural ingredients so it is suitable for all skin types. A favourite among K-Pop celebrities this sun cream features Huxley’s signature ingredients like pear seed oil and cactus extracts. 

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12. The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Glow Lip Balm

The History of Whoo is a luxurious Korean beauty brand that infuses traditional Korean beauty ingredients to create a wide range of skincare products. This lip balm is one worth spending your money on cuz it can take care of your lips for hours without stickiness. Apart from that, the lip balm is formulated with actual gold, pearl, and herb extracts! Back in the days, this formula was exclusive only for the royals in Korea. Well, now you too can nourish your lips with these valuable ingredients for a royal-like finish.

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13. Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick

A cleansing stick is basically a makeup remover. This cleansing stick by Caolion can help remove all the residue, dirt and leftover makeup on the face. It is super cool cuz it has a balm-like texture that turns into an oil and then finishes off like foam. The triple-action is perfect for quick and easy cleaning. It is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals hence suitable for all skin types. Moreover, the charcoal can help get rid of all the impurities, blackheads and makeup in just 15 seconds.

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14. Misha Triple Eyeshadow

The Misha Triple Eyeshadow is available in six different palettes. Each palette has three unique shades that blend so easily and well together. The best part about this eyeshadow is that it is super easy to use. It is a perfect tool you need to create a gradient eye look. All you gotta do is just use your finger and slide it across the palette in a horizontal motion. By doing so, you’ll be able to pick up all three colours at one time. Then, go on to apply it from the inner corners of the eyelids to the outer corners. You can use each shade individually as well. 

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15. Blithe Makeup Prep Essence

Many K-Pop stars use the Blithe makeup prep essence because it is extremely convenient. This light and moisturising essence can protect your skin from aerial pollution and enhances colour payoff as well. Plus, it comes in really handy in removing thick makeup as it also acts as a washable base. Furthermore, the essence has a lovely soft floral scent to it and works as a wonderful skin-firming primer.  However, the product does contain fragrance and alcohol hence we don’t really advise people with sensitive skin to use this essence as it may cause irritations and breakouts.

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16. Luna Long Lasting Tip Concealer

These Luna Long Lasting Tip Concealer come in three different shades that are suitable for all skin tone. It can wrap water like a coat on the skin’s surface. By doing so, you are left with a really glowy and soft skin as the moisturises are locked onto your skin. inside. Plus, the concealer is also suitable to use as an eye primer as it creates a clean palette for vivid, long-lasting eye makeup looks. It is formulated with Vitamin E, Portulaca extract, and Chamomile flower hence suitable for all skin types and won’t cause any irritations. 

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17. Peripera Ink Highlighter Beam

Ever wondered why K-pop celebrities’ skin always has this glass-like shine? Well, now you know, the secret tool is the Peripera Ink Highlighter. This liquid highlighter can add a subtle glow to the face to give you natural-looking radiant skin. It comes in three different shades so be sure to pick one that matches closely with your skin tone. Furthermore, the highlighter also acts as a brightening powder that volumizes your face. Along with the sparkling and shimmering glitters, you can expect a bright yet unique glowy face that almost looks like a glossy pearl.

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