In a world obsessed with skincare, where every inch of your body has a designated product, it was only a matter of time before someone dared to ask the question, “But what about the vulva?” And then, like a beacon of boldness shining through a veil of taboo, TWO LIPS, a sister brand of STRIP, unveiled their revolutionary creation – the BLACKOUT. Yes, you read it right, a charcoal mask for your vulva. It was like a mic drop moment in the world of personal care.


TWO LIPS BLACKOUT didn’t just tiptoe into the intimate care scene; it waltzed in wearing a crown. As possibly the world’s first activated charcoal mask for the vulva, it was the hero product that kickstarted the #LoveYourVulvaMore journey. Because why should your face get all the skincare fun? It’s high time we showed some love to our nether regions, and TWO LIPS Blackout dared to be the trailblazer.

Fast forward five years, and TWO LIPS is back with a vengeance. They’ve given BLACKOUT a makeover, making it sleeker, bolder, and even more fabulous. This revamped vulva mask is here to soothe, detoxify, brighten, and moisturise your most intimate part. It’s like a spa day for your vulva, brought to you by the geniuses at TWO LIPS.

TWO LIPS and STRIP work together like the dynamic duo of the personal care world. Founder Cynthia Chua’s two decades of expertise in this realm have made it possible. The range isn’t just about personal care; it’s about self-love, body care rituals, and empowerment.

TWO LIPS tore down the walls of social and cultural taboos surrounding vulva care, giving women the choice to take control of their intimate health. It’s about time we destigmatise conversations on this matter. In embracing intimate care, TWO LIPS is empowering women towards overall well-being, body confidence, and a sense of empowerment. Who knew a vulva mask could do all that?


BLACKOUT’s initial success prompted TWO LIPS to develop 14 more luxurious vulva care products. And guess what? These products are so luxurious that they’re perfect for the rest of your body too. BLACKOUT isn’t just a mask; it’s a pampering session that your skin deserves.

The Power of Charcoal

The upgraded BLACKOUT retains the magical Binchotan Charcoal from the Japanese Ubame Oak tree. But that’s not all; it’s now infused with Vitamins C, B3, and B5 to make your skin stronger and healthier. Chitosan, with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, is also on the guest list, promoting healing like a skincare superhero. And the foil lamination mask? It’s like a cozy blanket for your vulva, ensuring the rich ingredients are absorbed to the max. Application is a breeze with just the right amount of serum in each sachet.

Clean Beauty at Its Best

TWO LIPS knows that the vulva deserves the best. That’s why BLACKOUT is sulfate and paraben-free, gynaecologically and dermatologically tested, and suitable for all skin types. It’s the ideal post-hair removal treatment buddy, keeping your skin moisturised, soothed, and healthy.

Don’t Miss the Introductory Offer

For those itching to try the vulva mask revolution, TWO LIPS is offering the new and improved BLACKOUT at an introductory price of RM108 for 2 sachets (Normal Price: RM70 per sachet and RM350 for a box of 5 sheets). This offer is valid until 30 September 2023 at all STRIP Malaysia outlets, STRIP Lazada, and STRIP Shopee pages.

In a world that often forgets about the vulva, TWO LIPS BLACKOUT is here to remind us that self-care knows no bounds, and empowerment begins with embracing every part of ourselves. So, go ahead, unmask your confidence, and let TWO LIPS BLACKOUT be your trusted sidekick on this journey of self-love and self-discovery. It’s more than just a charcoal mask; it’s a statement, a revolution, and a testament to the power of embracing your whole self, vulva and all.