Fenty Beauty Is Here to Help You Flash Em ‘Cheeks Out’ This Summer!!!

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Before we start off with anything, we at Beauty Insider Malaysia are huge fans of Rihanna ❤️ If there’s anyone that can make swatches look cool, it can only be Rihanna. Not long ago, this beauty diva released her cheeks out cream blush on her brand’s Youtube channel. The Fenty Beauty founder shows off her 2 new recent babies — ‘Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer’ and ‘Cheeks Out Freestyle Blush’ She holds them out proudly in her recent video “Shots & Swatches with Rihanna”

Yeap, you definitely guessed it right, it involves SHOTS! Can you imagine doing swatches and shots with the legend? Unfortunately, nope I can’t either (bummer). Therefore, what we can do is watch her do it, now let’s get back to her video. “Summer Fenty Beauty Face ”, is what Rih calls her “no makeup make up look”.  As stated on the video, you can apply these cream blushes anywhere you want. In other words, you can apply this on your cheeks, on your eyelids and your cheekbones too, except the other cheeks (If you know, you know 🤪)

Rihanna and 2 of her colleague would try the swatches with shots, with each swatch, they will take a shot. Below is one of the post the brand posted about their available shades with the caption “Flavas galore! 😛🍒 Our Cream Blush comes in 10 sheer shades, so you can build up that wash of colour however you like! ⁣🥰🍑”

Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Brush


Now let’s get back to the blushes, the colours are so vibrant and it lasts all day long!! In the video, Rihanna mentioned, “Its all about cheeks out in the summer”. You can flash that cheeks out (again, not what you’re thinking xD) with Riri’s cream blush, and finally, go to that swimming date you have been putting off hehe.

Fenty collaborated with one of the worldwide make up artist and hairstylist Nicholas Denoun. The outcome of the collaboration is below. Fenty has posted the below post with the caption “When you turn on the front-facing camera but yo cheeks are READY 🍑👀 Sliding this quarantine selfie thru your feed cuz cheeks is POPPIN in Cream Bronzer in ‘Macchiato’ ☕️ for a warm, vacay glow and Cream Blush in ‘Petal Poppin’ 🌸 and ‘Fuego Flush’ 🍊 for a subtle pop of colour ✨”

I mean look at this gorgeous slaying Riri’s cream blush, it is subtle yet sexy at the same time, isn’t it?!


Besides, another collaboration was done with Jen Adams with fence’s Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer. This was later posted on their Instagram page with a cool caption and I quote, “😍 Fake that island glow and warmth from home using Cream Bronzer in ‘Hunnie Glaze’ 🍯 and layer it up in a sheer and fresh wash of colour in Cream Blush shades ‘Cool Berry’🍇 and ‘Summertime Wine’ 🍷⁣”. The colour is so AF-ing natural that it blends into your skin, even Rihanna was shocked with the results!

Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Bronzer


There are seven shades of Riri’s Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer, you can get them each for only $32, and ten shades of Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush, each available for only $20 (RM 120) It is affordable and the price is reasonable too!