If you want that smooth glass skin, then skincare is something you need to look into. But skincare is more than just emulsions and eye creams. In fact, skincare tools play a big role in nourishing your skin. They help depuff and blend your skincare into your skin thoroughly. For skincare tool fanatics, face rollers and extractors should be no stranger to you. Therefore, we guarantee you will drool over the new NUDESTIX 4-In-1 Beauty Magnet Tool! Here at Beauty Insider, we’re bringing you the first look into this luscious launch!


The NUDESKIN X BEAUTY MAGNET is a 4-in-1 magnetised professional skincare tool kit that includes a Rose Quartz Face Roller, De-Puffing Eye Roller, Comedone Extractor, and Precise Tweezer, which is patent-pending. It was designed to be a beautiful, easy, but professional solution for organising your critical must-have skin care equipment, as well as providing information on how to use them effectively and safely. Leading skin care experts agree that skin care instruments are made to aid improve skincare regimens, refresh the appearance of your skin, and deliver spa-inspired self-care massage! To make your skincare routine more successful, you’ll need skincare equipment, just like you’ll need brushes to apply cosmetics.

What Does It Do?

The NUDESKIN X BEAUTY MAGNET is a stunning, professional face tool set that includes everything you need to get the most out of your daily skincare routine, rejuvenate and refresh your skin, clear clogged pores, and maintain groomed brows and remove stray hairs. What’s the best part? This tiny set’s four tools are magnetised, portable, and fit snugly into each other, ensuring that you never lose them!


1. Rose Quartz Face Roller

The Rose Quartz Face Roller was created to help contour, de-puff, and seal in skincare for the face and neck in an instant. This lovely rose quartz stone stays cool on the skin and is durable throughout regular massage to aid lymphatic drainage and decrease the look of puffiness and wrinkles. With rose gold embellishments, the rose quartz stone adds love energy and luxury to your regular at-home self-care facial massage.

2. De-Puffing Eye Roller

The De-Puffing Eye Roller is a tool that helps to decrease puffiness, enhance lymphatic drainage, and increase penetration of your favourite eye serums and creams by massaging around the delicate eye area with an enjoyable cooling effect.

3. Comedone Extractor

With the Comedone Extractor, an at-home extraction tool that securely and gently eliminates blackheads and whiteheads, you can say goodbye to obstinate clogged pores and picking blemishes and hello to clearer skin. The Comedone Extractor is a basic stainless steel instrument designed to assist you extract blemishes safely and hygienically without picking at skin blemishes with your fingers. This equipment is a must-have for DIY at-home-facial fans who want to maintain clear skin.

4. Precise Tweezer

Tweezing is a popular grooming technique for removing undesirable hairs from the face and body with precision and obsessiveness. It’s also ideal for producing a precise brow shape at home, as well as quick and simple brow upkeep. But how many of us regularly misplace our tweezers? We have to admit we always do! Well, your high-quality tool will stay clean, organised, and never be missing or damaged when you need it. As the Precise Tweezer magnetically attaches to the Beauty Magnet Tool!

How Should You Clean Them?

Spray each instrument thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for 60 seconds before and after each use to disinfect it. Before applying to the skin, give it a good rinse with hot water. Ensure that the instrument is thoroughly disinfected both before and after use, and that it is completely dry before storing it.

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