We know, we don’t get winter here in Malaysia but doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the winter collections that come out! The best way to make the most out the season is actually to try out the changing trends in beauty according to the season.

Switching up your signature scent with each season is always a good idea because scents are specifically formulated to evoke a certain “mood” so having a winter fragrance on you can make you feel like an icy queen. But that said, please do feel free to wear whatever the hell perfume you want regardless of the day, month, or time of year. 

Most people often think that winter collections are Christmas collection, but there are not especially in the case of perfumes. Christmas smells like cinnamon, firewood, and fresh cookies and usually, the holiday spirit only lasts a week but winter in the West extends long past the holiday season, up this early March which is when spring starts.

Winter fragrances generally give a warm and sensual feel to beat the cold. You may think it is not fitting for Malaysia weather here but think twice. Living all tropical and smelling all fruity and vibrant can get boring sometimes and you need a change. If you wear long enough the scent lingers through your mind.

Whether you love a gourmand like cocoa, toffee or vanilla, or you prefer a cooler version of your favourite floral like jasmine or neroli, we at Beauty Insider Malaysia have gathered the all latest winter fragrances to add to your collection. 

1. Joy by Dior – Eau de Parfum Intense

This Dior perfume is really light and floral. The bottle is very similar to the men’s Dior Sauvage, with the magnetic cap which will keep the bottle airtight so don’t worry about losing the scent Don’t get us wrong, despite having resemblance the femininity of the bottle shines through in the brilliant silver and radiant pink of this instantly attractive juice. There’s also a bright shining silver thread wrapped around the lid, it is like a light jewel engraved with its name. You can smell the rose and peach coming all through but it is not overpowering. While the musk, cedar, and sandalwood are surprising notes to this fragrance It is a perfect fragrance for day or nightwear and lasts all day.  

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2. Jo Malone Poppy & Barley Cologne

There is just something so magical about this Jo Malone’s limited-edition fragrance. Yes, we heard you saying poppies and barley don’t actually smell like anything but imagine the smell of dried wildflowers and sandalwood, that what you get from this Jo Malone’s latest perfume. You do get a fruity sweetness not candy-sweet type but more like fresh berries’ that doesn’t overpower the earthiness scent. It’s very wearable for all occasion especially for office goers in which you want to smell nice but don’t want to overpower a room. If you love the smell of something slightly more smokey and woodsy with a touch wild berries this will be a dream catch for you.

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3. Twilly D’Hermès

This new Hermes fragrance is inspired by Hermes iconic silk scarf. It is definitely one of the most daring perfume in the Hermes collection. It has the combination of some powerful ingredients like ginger, sandalwood, tuberose floral and oriental. Ginger, tuberose, and sandalwood give a twist and produce a rather searing spice smell. They may seem like too much spice going on and gonna give you a sneeze each time you spray it on but together it all blends in well. The ginger and sandalwood provided pleasant accompaniment to the tuberose. This perfume is particularly designed for strong modern women of today so expect it to be bold and punchy.  Overall, we think this fragrance is equivalent to the Twilly scarf. It is not as rich as a full Hermes scarf but a fun versatile thrilling frill. Give Twilly a try if you like something sweet with a hint of spice. 

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4. Gabrielle Chanel Essence

In 2017, Chanel created a very special fragrance in the honour of Gabrielle Chanel, the founder of Chanel.  From the bottle to the scent of the perfume pay tribute to the women she was before becoming Coco Chanel. In 2019, the iconic perfume is reinvented with the Gabrielle Chanel Essence. Familiar but not, this new olfactory has a more vibrant and resplendent feel.  This version of Gabrielle Essence is much sweeter amplified lots of citrus and a few bunches of berries. It still the same four flowers as in the original which are tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom but in Gabrielle Essence the jasmine has a much more prominent placing. It has around 12-14 hour longevity so perfect for floral lovers who are always out and about.

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5. Tom Ford Lost Cherry Perfume

Without a doubt, Tom Ford Lost Cherry is an unusual, delicious, almost gourmand, yet fruity fragrance. You could already smell the cherry in just one or two sprays, and it is not those artificial cherry smell but an authentic cherry scent.  The bitter almond is a true dream in the course of scent. In our opinion, the fragrance is overly sweet, thanks to the bitter almond that gives the fragrance a slightly bitter touch. Despite having a combination of other scents like sandalwood and tonka bean you can only smell them after 4-5 sprays. They give the fragrance a very light but nevertheless pleasant sweetness. This will definitely fit the bittersweet side of you.

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6. Kate Spade Truly Dazzling Eau De Toilette 

Fresh, fun and fashionable those are the best words to describe this Kate Spade perfume. It is a light ocean smell with hints of floral but not overpowering at all. It also has somewhat of an earthy tone that mixes perfectly with the floral aspect. On a side note though,  you will need to reapply the perfume a couple of times throughout the day because of the smell does fade away within a few hours. Overall, it’s a delicate floral that will give you the ocean vibe with a feminine touch. Upon, putting it on you will feel clean, flirty, and beautiful just like how we did. If you love the smell of the ocean, you will definitely enjoy this fragrance.

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7. Gucci Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori Perfume

The Ambrosia Di Fiori is the latest addition to the Gucci Bloom collection and is one of Gucci’s best selling perfume at the moment. Like the original, this perfume has an intense floral scent of tuberose and Chinese honeysuckle with a hint of fresh jasmine. If you enjoy floral scents especially the scent of jasmine, then give this perfume a try. We highly recommend this to people that like lasting scents of warm, floral nature. As for lasting power, the scent grew a bit softer throughout the day, but it won’t disappear. It is not never overwhelmingly flowery and it doesn’t have that typical “perfume” undertone that a lot have. 

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