Panasonic has firmly established itself as a leader in beauty device innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology to redefine personal grooming and skincare. With a legacy of pioneering advancements, Panasonic continues to set the standard for cutting-edge beauty solutions that cater to the modern individual’s needs. In this exclusive interview, we engage with Chew Keng Heng, the esteemed General Manager at Panasonic Malaysia as he shares his excitement and expectations surrounding his participation in the renowned beauty industry events, beautyexpo & Cosmobeauté Malaysia. As a first-time participant in beautyexpo & Cosmobeauté Malaysia, Chew eagerly anticipates exploring the wealth of beauty innovations, gaining valuable insights, and expanding networks in a diverse industry landscape.

Interview with Chew Keng Heng, General Manager of Beauty & Health Marketing at Panasonic Malaysia 

As a well-known figure in the beauty industry, what excites you most about participating in beautyexpo & Cosmobeauté Malaysia, and what are your expectations for this year’s event?

As a first timer participating in beautyexpo & Cosmobeauté Malaysia, we are excited to be able to partake in an event with a huge variety of companies within the beauty industry. We are eager to discover the different new products that will be introduced & gaining insights on the industry’s latest development. We also anticipate extending our network’s reach with both participants and visitors, in hopes to learn from them & also potentially fostering partnerships. 

As a Product Marketer at Panasonic Malaysia, what inspired you to venture into the beauty industry, and what unique perspective do you bring to the table?

Our journey into the beauty industry was driven by our passion for holistic well-being. Our unique perspective revolves around celebrating individuality and embracing sustainable practices to create a positive impact on both people and the environment.

With the beauty industry constantly evolving, what trends do you foresee gaining momentum in the Malaysian market, and how is your brand embracing these trends?

From the insights that we have gathered, wellness-driven beauty is gaining momentum in the Malaysian market. Consumers are linking beauty with overall well-being, looking for products that support health and self-care. At Panasonic, we position our professional trimmer products as a contribution to holistic wellness, focusing on functionality that offers hair care benefits along with emotional well-being.

As a key person in the beauty space, what role do you think social media plays in shaping beauty perceptions and trends? How do you ensure a positive and authentic impact on your audience?

In the beauty industry, social media has become an incredibly influential platform for shaping beauty perceptions and trends. It plays a multifaceted role, both in amplifying existing beauty ideals and in challenging and redefining those ideals. Its ability for users to be able to educate others, to exchange ideas and information effortlessly, makes social media an undeniable powerhouse in influencing beauty perception & trends.

As a brand, we do our best to ensure positivity by staying true to our values in celebrating individuality. Leveraging on social media’s influence responsibly, we thrive to promoting authenticity, diversity, inclusivity, education, and a focus on well-being. By doing so, we hope to contribute to a positive and meaningful impact on our audience’s perception of beauty.

In an increasingly competitive beauty market, what strategies do you employ to stay ahead of the curve and maintain your brand’s relevance and popularity?

Staying ahead of the curve and maintaining relevancy in a competitive beauty market requires a combination of innovation, adaptability, and a strong connection with our audience. Some of our key strategies:

Consumer Insights: Utilising market research, surveys, and social media engagement to gather insights into our audience’s preferences, concerns, and aspirations. This information can guide our product development and content strategies, ensuring they resonate with our target audience.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Collaboration with other brands, influencers, or experts in complementary industries is something we are looking for in order to foster strategic partnership to market our professional trimmer series. These partnerships can introduce our brand to new audiences and lend credibility to our products.

Omnichannel: Maintain a strong presence across multiple platforms, including social media, our website, retail locations, and Marketplace platforms. Consistent branding and engagement will enhance brand visibility and customer loyalty.

Staying relevant is an ongoing process that requires constant vigilance and willingness to evolve. By combining these strategies and maintaining a strong focus on the needs and desires of your target audience, your brand can continue to thrive in a competitive beauty market.

Sustainability and ethical practices have become significant concerns for consumers in recent years. How has your brand embraced eco-friendly initiatives and responsible sourcing, and how do you communicate these efforts to your audience?

Sustainability and ethical practices are crucial considerations for modern consumers. Our brand is dedicated to integrating eco-friendly initiatives and responsible sourcing practices throughout our operations. We communicate these efforts transparently and creatively to our audience through various channels, fostering a deeper connection and trust with environmentally conscious consumers.

What valuable insights or advice do you have for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs or those looking to establish themselves as influencers in the industry, especially in the context of the unique Malaysian beauty market?

To establish our brand in the beauty industry, particularly in the unique Malaysian market, requires a combination of passion, strategic thinking, and adaptability. Here are some valuable insights and humble advice for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs or influencers in the context of the Malaysian beauty market:

Embrace Cultural Diversity: Malaysia is a culturally diverse country with various ethnicities and beauty preferences. Embrace this diversity in our approach to products, content, and branding will appeal to a wider audience.

Understand Local Preferences: Study the local beauty preferences and trends that resonate with Malaysians. Tailor our products or content to address these preferences while offering unique value.

Collaborate and Network: Collaborate with local influencers, brands, and experts to leverage their audiences and build connections. Networking within the industry can open doors to partnerships and opportunities.

Success in the beauty industry requires patience and dedication. By understanding our audience, offering value, and staying true to our passion, we can carve out a meaningful presence in the Malaysian beauty market. 

Inclusivity and diversity have become integral values in the beauty industry. How does your brand actively promote representation and inclusiveness in product offerings and marketing campaigns, and what impact do you believe this has on consumer engagement?

Inclusivity and diversity are indeed vital values in the beauty industry. Our brand is committed to promoting representation and inclusiveness in all aspects of our product offerings and marketing campaigns.

Promoting representation and inclusiveness in both product offerings and marketing campaigns has a profound impact on consumer engagement. It fosters deeper connections, expands our reach, and positions our brand as one that values and celebrates the diversity of all individuals.

The beauty landscape has seen a rise in clean and natural beauty products. How do you strike a balance between innovation and the use of natural ingredients in your brand’s formulations, and how do you educate consumers about the benefits of these choices?

At Panasonic, our goal is to help people live their best lives by creating useful, high-quality products that have a positive impact on the world and our customers’ day-to-day lives. We are also committed to innovating new, sustainable technologies that create a healthier planet. Striking a balance between innovation and sustainability involves customer-centric product development, transparent communication, and educating consumers about the benefits. By providing a wealth of information, showcasing results, and fostering trust, our brand ensures that customers can make well-informed decisions that align with their values and haircare goals.

Events like beautyexpo & Cosmobeauté Malaysia often introduce attendees to new and emerging beauty brands. Are there any specific niche or upcoming brands that have caught your attention recently, and what do you look for when considering potential collaborations or endorsements?

We are looking for alignment in terms of values, whether it’s ethical practices, sustainability, or a shared mission. Any collaborations should reinforce our brand’s identity and resonate with our target customers. This is in line with our business principle of Co-existence and Co-prosperity.

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