If you’re active on the beauty side Social Media, you’ve surely seen how makeup has transformed tremendously over the past few years. This change can be seen especially from the beginning of the MCO when the entire world was forced to quarantine giving many of us the opportunity to explore ourselves deeper. 

Avant Garde makeup is a form of makeup that has taken over the beauty world with bizarre looks and extreme graphic liners. The many talented makeup artists in Malaysia have also explored this trend and shown us amazing looks that we couldn’t help but tell you all about!

From face paint to brilliant eyeshadow work, these MUAs deserve the spotlight to show off their incredible talent with these over the top looks. Here are the top Avant Garde Makeup Artists in Malaysia that have used their faces as a canvas for works of art that will blow your mind!

11 Avant Garde Makeup Artists in Malaysia That will Make You Keanu!

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Daveena Kaur


The beautiful Daveena has been exploring makeup since 2017 where she started off with everyday makeup looks and has now blossomed into a force to be reckoned with in the Avant Garde makeup community. Her Avant Garde makeup journey began in 2020 when she decided to pick up the brush again after a while. Currently studying journalism, she continues to explore makeup as a way to pass her time and improve her skills. She draws inspiration from multiple sources such as Pinterest, Abstract objects, and real life elements. She invites more to join in the exciting world of makeup and don’t be shy or hesitate to explore your hidden talents. “Do what makes you happy!” is her message to anyone who is looking to create as well. 

Take a look at more of her beautiful work on her Instagram page.

Vivien Loh 


Vivien is a copywriter with a bubbly personality based in Kuala Lumpur. Besides her day job, she also works as a freelance MUA. Her makeup journey began a decade ago and she started freelancing as an MUA 5 years later. As a hobby, Vivien explores Avant Garde makeup and posts actively on her Instagram page to share her work with the world. Her inspiration for her makeup looks comes from other creators on Instagram as well as digital artists on Twitter. Her top advice to everyone looking to grow as an Influencer or Content Creator on Instagram is to go crazy with it and do everything and whatever it is you want. On social media, it’s important to grow thick skin and continue to strive to be who you want to be. 

Check out more of her works of art on her Instagram page and be inspired by her drive!

Faris Ismail


Faris is a recent graduate with a Diploma in Bakery and Pastry who enjoys playing with makeup to create amazing looks as a hobby. He also bakes cookies and sells them online, which are as beautifully crafted as the looks he creates with makeup. He began his makeup journey with SFX and Goth themed makeup but eventually moved to Editorial and Avant Garde makeup as he felt that it gave him an abundance of freedom to create and explore. He gets inspiration from Pinterest as well as other talented MUAs in the community to recreate and create new looks every week. He is also an active creator on TikTok with entertaining videos that come with incredible looks. 

Join in on his journey as a Makeup Artist on his Instagram and Tiktok page.

Kul Anatasha


Anatasha, an 18 year old with a cheery personality who began her makeup journey in late December 2017. Her work is inspired by Anime, Manga, as well as Pinterest. Anatasha also creates Face Charts inspired by her own ideas to create her looks. She usually spends a full day planning and working on her makeup looks to fully capture the details she wants to portray. She receives full support from her family and friends who are always sharing and giving their insight to help her blossom into the talent she is today. Anatasha looks forward to growing on Social Media and sharing more of her stunning work with the world. To anyone who is looking to explore the art of Avant Garde makeup, Anatasha urges you to just go for it, chase your dreams and be yourself. 

For more extraordinary makeup looks, check out her Instagram page.

Kai Ni


Kai Ni is a sweet, talented soul who creates amazing makeup looks that will blow you away on her Instagram page. Her makeup journey was sparked during her time as a Wushu competitor. During that time, she had the opportunity to do her own makeup for competitions and loved matching colours with specific themes. Since then, she has grown to create astonishing makeup looks that have inspired many others on social media. Her inspirations come from Influencers, and celebrities such as Rihanna and looks forward to exploring more about the beauty industry in the future. She wishes to continue inspiring, exploring and challenging herself with her art. Her advice for those who are thinking about trying out makeup is to just do it, try out everything as much as you can to help find out what you love.

Click on her Instagram page to look at more of her stunning work.

Mandy Leigh


Mandy is a professional freelance makeup artist with talent that will bewilder you. She works with all kinds of makeup from SFX to Avant Garde and Conceptual makeup and has been a full time freelancer for the past 6 years. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Mandy has gone through a profound journey with her makeup and art, working with many creatives alike including many collaborative works with local celebrities and Malaysia’s pageant industry. She also had the opportunity to be in the collaborative team as an MUA for 2020 Taiwanese-Malaysian Netflix original series, The Ghost Bride’s press shots which can be found on her Instagram profile. Her talent shines bright among many creators and is definitely one to look out for in Malaysia’s creative industry.

To view more of her art work, visit her Instagram page and prepare to be in awe of the beauty she creates.

Emma Khoo


The gorgeous and talented Emma is a 28 year old who is currently in her 3rd year as a PHD student in The Built Environment. She was a photographer for 7 years and is now exploring Avant Garde makeup as a creative outlet since June 2019. However, her makeup content grew more since MCO began and she is now among the biggest influencers in Avant Garde makeup. Drawing inspiration from multiple outlets such as Anime, Magazines, Fashion and Beauty websites, as well as celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Emma enjoys her hobby and looks to explore everything that comes her way while growing her network. 

Check out more of her amazing makeup looks on her Instagram page and get inspired! 

Avana Yih


Avana is a sweet beauty from Sabah who is currently studying Music. Her interest in makeup was sparked 5 years ago when she was attracted to cosplay makeup. Her makeup journey took a turn towards editorial and avant garde makeup as she enjoyed the freedom that came with the art more. She creates 2 to 3 looks a week and loves to match her look with wigs, accessories, and outfits. She is inspired by other creators alike on social media such as Anzu Jaamu and Abby Roberts while drawing inspiration from other sites as well including Pinterest. Surrounded by support from friends and family, Avana calls out to those who want to explore makeup to just do it and to not regret forgoing it in the future. 

Take a look at her incredible work on her Instagram page.

Farah K


Farah found her love for Avant Garde makeup during Malaysia’s first lockdown due to COVID-19 in March 2020. Her passion for beauty and makeup grew during quarantine as she explored her talent deeper. Currently working as Beauty Insider’s very own Beauty Journalist, she continues to explore the many aspects of the beauty industry. Her makeup ranges from graphic liners to intricate face art using multiple makeup techniques. She looks forward to seeing the growth of editorial and avant garde makeup in Malaysia, working with brands and other MUAs on social media. Among her favourite creators on Instagram are Antoinette, Gem Rodri, and Vanessa

To view more makeup looks from Farah, visit her Instagram page. 

Ming Hui


Ming is among the many superstars of the Avant Garde makeup community. Her passion for makeup coupled with her incredible art skills and ideas have birthed outstanding content on her social media; Instagram and Tiktok. She gets her inspiration from everything around her from patterns, objects, to accessories. She is currently doing her Internship as a design student while juggling her exciting hobby as an MUA. She creates 2 to 3 makeup looks a week ranging from face paint art to incredible graphic liner that have us in awe. Her words of wisdom for everyone looking to explore art is to go for it because it is incredibly fun and rewarding, accept constructive criticism from people around you to improve your work, continue to do your best and ignore the actual haters!

For more amazing work from Ming, check out her Instagram and Tiktok page.

Serena Adelaide


Serena is a Sino Kadazan from Sabah who is currently based in Minnesota, USA. She has a beautiful and friendly personality along with her incredible talent to create outstanding makeup looks. Her makeup journey began when she was 18 years old back when she didn’t know the difference between a mascara and an eyeliner. Her friends took her to shop for makeup for the first time and the rest is history! Now at 25, with over 40,000 followers on Instagram, Serena is among the most inspirational Avant Garde content creators on the platform. Besides makeup, Serena also enjoys activities such as rock climbing, yoga, reading, and making beaded jewellery. Today she continues to create and enjoy life to the fullest while inspiring others to do the same. 

More of Serena’s magnificent makeup looks can be seen on her Instagram profile.

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